Hello everyone! I've been off the grid here lately due to well, let's just say too much paper and pen pushing! I finally finished my SSI work history and adult activity reports (novels) and got them mailed out. Whew-what a daunting and exhausting task that was! I never thought I'd get through it but I've got a feeling there's more to come :-( I also had my first appointment yesterday with my Vocational Rehab counselor (through MiWorks) to see about getting some help with employment-related issues. He will set up a physical and occupational assessment as soon as I get approved for services. This will narrow down what jobs I can and can't do and they can help me find one as long as I'm able to work. I also chose a health plan and a Primary Care Provider for my insurance. Now I'm waiting for the cards to come in the mail and approval from Medicaid so I can schedule an appointment. She is affiliated with the local health system where the MS Specialty Clinic is located so I desperately hope I can see her! But all I can do now is wait and I hate that because I need to get in ASAP and get a referral for tests, a diagnosis or something!! I can get transportation to appointments through my insurance as long as it is referred by her and approved by my health plan. Now on to Dept. of Social Services verification forms that are close to the due date!! Uuggh.......

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  • Hang in there😉

  • Thank you @Royjr! Just all seems too overwhelming right now, too much to deal with and try to get done in a short amount of time. Oh welp, welcome to our familiar "Land of the Lost Jumping Through Hoops With Endless Amounts of Paperwork" :-/

  • Bamfan1442 I really think that the strategy for all the paperwork is to make people give up, or they hope that you die before you get approved for anything. So you show them and keep at it! Good luck.

  • Bamfan1442, it's Fancy1959. Be researching S.S. Attorneys inyour area. Be prepzred to be turned down twice before you get a hearing before a Social Security judge. You'll have to have an attorney when you get that level. I believe it's all a big conspiracy to see how much of your hard earned money they can bleed way from you. I had all my disability testing done through certified MS physical therapist. I'm not sure of your age but there are different standard disability have to meet at different times in your life. At 55 when I apply The Benchmark for disability had gone down again meaning there according to my age was less I had to be able to do to be disabled.

    Keep at it and keep fighting. Make sure that all your Appeals, when they turn you down, are turned in before the date they set for expiration of your case. If you miss one of these days you have to start over from scratch. Aaarrrrrggggg.....! Keep us informed of your progress. Good luck and if you have questions feel free to ask. Many of us have already gone through the mess you involved in. Take care and remember that together we are stronger!

  • Wishing you the best as you continue this process Bamfan1442. Keep us updated. We care. 💕

  • Thank you, Tutu, Fancy 1959 and Iona60 for your replies! Yes, I am going to fight tooth and nail to get the services and help that I so desperately need! Even if it takes getting an attorney, which at this point is inevitable. There are many SSI attorneys here locally that advertise regularly on TV, I just need to do some research on them first before I decide who to go with. I need one who charges no fees unless you win your case, but not sure how much they will charge if you do win? And is it worth getting an attorney if you have to surrender half or most of your settlement award? Not in my best interest, since I am living in a situation where I will have to use that amount (if I'm still living here) to make up for all the lost income I have experienced recently, including rent, bills and other household expenses that I haven't been able to pay for. And if I do get evicted and need to find another place to live, any monies I may be entitled to are probably nowhere equal to or exceed the costs of new housing, including security deposit and first month's rent, utilities to get turned on and in my name (another deposit) as well as household items and furniture I will need since I won't have any. Perhaps I am being a worry wort here but I can't help but think and be concerned about those things. More stress to make me feel more like crap which is on a daily basis now. My future is at stake, regardless of whether or not I get a positive MS diagnosis after going through all this painstaking effort. But I know I have to try, after all, at least I'll know what's up, right? :-(

  • Bamfan1442 call MSAA on Monday they will be able to give you some advice on the subject of disability lawyer's and things.

    800 532-7667 ext 154 ☺


    Good Luck!

  • Sounds like a real headache Bamfan1442

    I guess I'm fortunate my disability attorney will do the SSDI paperwork for me.

    Excuse my ignorance, but work rehab and SSI/ssdi...there r limits on earnings so do they take that into consideration when helping u to find a doable occupation?

  • Yes there are limits but the purpose of the vocational rehabilitation program is to find out if your "disability-related barriers pose a major problem to suitable work for you given your abilities and capabilities"........" including "Trial Work Experiences" to explore your capacity to perform in competitive integrated work situations in the community with supports"......." Unless your condition worsens to the point of not being able to work." There is also the "Ticket To Work" program for SSDI or SSI recipients. It is offered by the SSA and participation in the program is voluntary and does not mean that you will lose your benefits. Social Security work incentives are where you can earn income while still receiving disability benefits or become completely independent of them through working. My counselor can give me more info on this when we get to that point but we're not there yet just starting services. If I can find a job that I can do, then I need to work. I want to get a car and may need to move into an apartment or some other housing because I can't stay here much longer without any income coming in.

  • Bamfan1442 Stay the course and focus on the goal! It sounds like you are doing very well dealing with the paperwork. I am a bit envious. When faced with a mountain of forms that have to be dealt with, my brain loses focus after just a few pages and then pulls down the shades and goes to take a nap. I hope you attain your desired result.

  • Yes, @goatgal, my brain lost focus on several occasions during the process and I just had to put it down. And yes, rest, because I completely shut down, broke down and cried. And of course, I felt guilty doing that since my BF was constantly nagging at me "why don't you finish your paperwork? You stopped over an hour ago." Grrrrr :-( But now it's done and I can cross that off my dreadful and agonizing list!

  • Bamfan1442, congratulations on getting over one huge hurdle! Keep us posted.

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