Part of my future photo book of pain

Part of my future photo book of pain

Just thought I would post a few photos now and then, that I've snapped along my walks for a photo book I'm putting together. The reason for the title is that each photo was a rest stop from the numbness of walking and heavy leg and all. So I thought it appropriate. I hope you enjoy them. I'm hoping to get involved in a special project and maybe invite others to submit thier photos as well. Hope all are having a good day.

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  • Love this idea!

  • I love the pups resting in the foreground! Nice photo. 💕

  • Great picture and great idea! Kind of taking a stop-and-smell-the-roses moment.

  • GerriG

    I really like this photo-crisp colors, interesting shapes and subject. I hope we do get to see more 👍

  • GerriG What an interesting photo -- the yellow panels like swiss cheese, the red slide like a panting tongue, and the three sprawled dogs. There is so much here even without your words. The next morning walk I see a pile of tumbled boulders in the canyon I will think of your book (and your talent) as well as your apt description of the heavy leg feeling. Bravo!

  • I just want to play 😁 Very nice! What kind of dogs GerriG ?

    Jes 🌠

  • I'm not really sure, the owner was off to the side using the cardio area. It was so interesting and cute I had to snap it in passing.

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