Has anyone here dealt with drug dependency?

I have....a few times. The first time I didn't relalize it. I had been taking Vicodin for migraines and then (unknown at the time) nerve and muscle pain for over 7years and developed an ulcer, so of course my dr discontinued the medication. I developed insomnia, drank liquor every night and ate tins of junk food for a few months. Then I was put on Norco, those were my best for 3 years. I got those the years before dx and took them with Soma and Ambien. Can you imagine how high I was on a daily basis? I was taken off the Soma and some other meds once I got my dx, but not the Norc. Early last year my dr took me off Norco it was hard. Even with the Ambien I was having trouble sleeping. My mood was horrible, I couldn't concentrate(like I needed help with that...lol) and the pain was even worse. I asked the dr about my symptoms and he explained that I was going through withdrawals from being on those types of meds for so long 😮

I actually weaned myself off Ambien in January. This the first since 2011 that I haven't been on a sleep aid.

I am learning that a lot people with chronic pain end up dependent on meds. I don't use the word addicted, because I understand that refers to using them beyond regular prescribed use or need. I never took more, asked for extra or took them to get high, but I was effected when they were taken away.

I'm so much better now and on far less meds than I have been on in 8 years. I would hope this helped someone and would love to hear about some other experiences.

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  • Fee09, thank you for your honest transparency. We help each other in so many ways here on the forum. I have no doubt that what you have shared will help someone else going through something similar. I am happy to hear you are feeling better and stronger. It takes a a lot of courage to recognize a problem and then correct it. God bless you! 💕

  • The state of Tennessee requires that anyone one long term pain or schedule 1 or 2 drugs (not sure about the schedule 2) medications must sign a form every year saying that your doctor has the right and is required to check on a state run sight that tells him if you have gotten pain medicines from any other doctors. To make sure you aren't Doctor Shopping. I must also have a urinalysis done to make sure that the medications he prescribed me are in my system at the level he prescribed so that he knows that I am taking them and not selling them.

    The first couple of times I was required to pay for the urinalysis but then I refused. My doctor said that his nurses had a partition that I could sign that said we did not feel it was right to have to pay for a test that the state required. Medicare nor my other insurance would pay for it. I have never had to pay again.

  • @Fee09 , Good for you! Congratulations! You should be so proud you accomplished what so many cannot!

  • Fee09 Thank you for posting your experience. You should be proud that you were able to stop some of the meds, I'm sure it was a difficult time. My brother in law has been on pain meds for many years and is an addict as he will use his monthly supply in 2 weeks and then self medicate with alcohol unless my sister rations them. It does not make for a happy household.

  • That's o sad. I will be keeping them in my prayers

  • Fee09, it's Fancy1959. I applaud you taking the first step to understand you were dependent. That understanding or the first step is often the hardest to make. Honestly I have never been dependent on anything other than medication to control my health issues like asthma, etc.

    Opening up such a topic to the chat room will surely raise a series of good questions and allow people to breech a topic that might otherwise been ignored and kept in the closet so to speak. Your post has really opened up a discussion and hopefully people will feel comfortable enough to ask questions and voice concerns. Thank-you!

  • That was my point of doing it. I figured I couldn't be the only person going through this, especially with the amount of pain we experience on a regular basis. Hope I have made it easier for someone to speak on it.

  • Fee09, it's Fancy1959. You are amazing woman with the courage of a lioness! Thank-you again. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help in this Crusade.

  • Fee09, I haven't had to deal with what you have, and can only imagine what you must have gone through to come so far! You amaze me that you recognized that you needed to make those tough changes. Congratulations on your determination and your honesty with yourself. You may never know how many you've encouraged by your openness.

  • Fee09

    Congratulations on your inner strength to kick your dependence. 👍

    Drugs certainly have their purpose and it's very easy to rely on them .

    I always am reminded of the Jefferson Airplaine song, white rabbit - one pill to make me tall, one pill to make me small (or something like that...)

  • Fee09 I just now read your post. I'm always so behind, but wanted to say ~hugs~ As it's not an easy road. I have what l call an addictive personality.😕 If I liked it, l would take it. More than perscibed. And l used to drink like a fish. Whereas alcoholism​ runs in our family.😞

    Now certain meds are on my allergy list. I refuse to take them! And l have been 1 year sober this past Easter.☺

    Hang in there Fee!

    Jes 🌠

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