HOTH-Hot off the Hook

HOTH-Hot off the Hook

Just finished. Nothing too fancy. The yarn has a story in that a friend of mine from Great Britain😊🌈🦋sent me the aqua colored yarn because someone gave it to her. The set is for another friend's mother that is being treated for cancer. First time ever I named a piece of work, Seascapes! Sending prayers to her that it brings her healing, peace and calm. 💞

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  • I'm sure your lovely work will be greatly appreciated. How thoughtful you are!

  • She will love it! I know that when I was going through chemo therapy I was always cold and it was in the middle of Summer. A warm knltted cap would help to keep me warm.

  • That's wonderful CalfeeChick, Seascape,I love it, blessings Jimeka 🦋 👍 🌈

  • CalfeeChick gorgeous! Love the colors. Appropriately named. A gift sure to be loved 😊

  • Such pretty colors and so kind of you! I'm sure it will be appreciated.

  • WOWOWOW!!! Beautiful!!!

  • CalfeeChick Stunningly beautiful! Your friend's mother will be wrapped in love. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent.

  • Another beautiful gift, CalfeeChick. I love the colors. 💕

  • SOOOO Beautiful! Love the colors! LOVE, HUGS and PRAYERS. Your friend will be wrapped in your warmth with these!

  • Absolutely Gorgeous CalfeeChick May it give your friend warm "sea" healing prayers 💕


  • Beautiful!!

  • I love the hat! Great job on the set.

  • CalfeeChick, it's Fancy1959. You are very gifted! The hat and blanket are so beautiful.

  • Lovely work, and a thoughtful gift.

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