Leaving behind a few things

Leaving behind a few things

We are selling our little 20 acres we've called home for 11 years. There are things we will miss, but we will treasure some great memories. I won't really miss all the weeding, turkey processing, or deer eating the fruits of of our labor. Here is one view of our lower pond. We have geese return every year to nest, and the goslings just hatched 2 days ago.

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  • greaterexp

    Heaven on Earth?


  • It has seemed like it!

  • A new chapter is about to begin. You will always have good memories of the past 11 years but just think about the ones you are about to make. I know for one, I will never forget the squirrels, God is in control, enjoy, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈

  • What a lovely view ' you are blessed ' enjoy ur new life changes xx

  • What a blessing you have had to be able to live on your 20 acres of paradise for the last 11 years. I know it must be both sad and exciting for you to be moving on to the next phase of your life.

    Remember, we will all still be here in the same place for you as you adjust to your new life.

  • Thank you. I count on you all !

  • What Iona60 said greaterexp !

  • Change is hard. I wish you the best! Where are you relocating to?

  • The same area, but probably in a town. 😢

  • I hope the town is just as beautiful and you still visit the area you are leaving.

  • I'm so sorry. I had to sell my home last year and consolidate my life to stay independent.(and finincial reasons) It was hard but I found new things to cherish to replace the ones that were lost. Going from 2000 sq ft. and just 4 acres to about 300 st ft and no acres, was a huge job in itself. Y'all will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Allen5280, you've no idea how I appreciate prayers on my behalf and that of my family. I'm so sorry for the changes you've had to make, but your attitude is one I hope to keep. Life with or without MS is always changing, and we have to adapt. I'm looking forward, not backward, and the MS has actually made that easier in many ways. Thank you for your prayers!

  • I can see why you chose that beautiful place all those years ago, greaterexp. Stunning! When you pack up your memories you'll be able to carry them with you wherever you go...

    Thanks for sharing a pic of what we've heard so much about!💕

  • greaterexp

    There is a reason for everything. I've come to understand why I moved from the lovely country back to the suburbs. I have to laugh know that I remember 20 years ago I never even wanted to live in the "boonies" with nothing around. Talk about culture shock, now I'm going through it again, in reverse.

    ALWAYS REMEMBER The most important reason is YOU! Don't forget you are very important! God is watching over you to make sure the best is yet to come!

  • jennie62, you are so kind. Bless you! I hope you are doing well.

    I'm looking forward to the change, but do wish the house selling and moving were over!

  • I love the reflection of the clouds in the water! Looks so peaceful.

    I'm going through a similar transition. I sold my home of 18 years in Dec. and am about to try and find a new place in the ridiculous housing market we have here in the Northwest. I didn't have acreage but had a very large backyard that backed to a greenbelt. I miss hearing the birds and the frogs. I miss the swallows that nested under the eaves every year. I will likely end up in a more urban area and am not looking forward to that.

  • Always be grateful that you had the experience and never second-guess your choice to live on that magical farm!!! I too was forced to sell my 20 acre farm, and I try to remember to count the blessings of the experience!!! I will always miss the piece of my heart that I left on my farm, and I hope you do the same... xo Cj

  • Very beautiful place!! I'm sure you will miss it. I pray your moving and buying process goes smoothly!

    I'm a gypsy at ♥. Love change, moving, experiencing new things. Hubby and I have plans, God willing, to boat for two years, then live is a small city for two years, then maybe out West for a bit. Given the MS we are thinking that we may have to trade the boat for an RV.

    Send pics of the new place when you find it!!

  • greaterexp, Our family home goes up for sale today. We cleaned out and painted and have done yard work for weeks. I hope it sells quickly b/c I'm tired. We're going to all one floor that we're having built with handicap features. I've lost my job and now my home due to MS. It does change your life that's for sure.😕 Good luck with everything!

  • Juleigh21, I appreciate you taking the time to encourage me! You must be exhausted! We're in the same boat. We've been working for about 3 weeks with all cylinders, so to speak. I will be praying that our houses sell quickly and the moves go easily.

  • Praying for you as well, Juleigh21. May you and greaterexp sell your homes quickly, find another soon after, and suffer no additional setbacks after all the work you've done and have yet to do. 💕

  • A quick sale and a smooth move sounds absolutely perfect👍.

  • greaterexp

    Gorgeous! You are blessed 2 have had the opportunity to live there for 11 wonderful yrs! You will always have your memories!

  • Greaterexp, it's Fancy1959. My wish for you is that you take with you your treasured memories of the home you leave behind but that you realize a home is so much more than a place you live. A home is where your loved ones gather, where you are surrounded by love and support, and a place where you nuture love, make it grow and blossom. Luckily, love is a very packable and travels well as long as you wrap it up with care. I pray you find your new piece of heaven and that your love continues to grow and prosper as you make new memories with your loved ones.

  • My husband and I have told one another that if we had to live in a cardboard box, but had one another, we'd be happy. One can be miserable, and one can be happy anywhere. The apostle Paul chose contentment in any circumstances. I'd have to work on the happy in prison thing, but he had it right.

  • Beautiful place greaterexp but take it from someone who's move ALOT! As in up and down the west coast, over seas, and a ton as a kid! I have Gypsy in me☺ l think. A place is just a place, it's the family and people we love who live there that make it a HOME! 💕

    You will have your Home 💕 in no time.


  • Greaterxp, I'm sorry to hear that necessity forces this but know there will be benefits. I wish you a smooth transition. Will you still have a little garden ? x

  • I'm sure we will find something with space for at least a little garden. I do look forward to the benefits of scaling back.

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