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Cure within a few years?

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I saw a traveling neurologist, who was filling in for mine, and he was previously a professor of neurology at a very large teaching hospital for 30 years ( I forget which, of course). He said he feels strongly that a cure for MS will be found in the next few years and within my lifetime. He said the research is moving along quickly in the field of MS.

That doesn't help some of us much, but there's hope for the younger crowd and for our kids and grandkids. I say, "hurrah!"

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We can only hope and pray! So good to see you posting again, and hanging tough!

Hurry 🙂

There is a God 👍

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greaterexp in reply to jimeka

No matter what!

I hope that's true!

That would be fabulous for new comers and possibly a little help for us old timers 😉🤪🤗☺️👍Ken 🐾🐾🙏

Sounds encouraging. Let's keep praying.

hey greaterexp Hold on a little longer! Maybe there is hope for us old timers too. Maybe you could keep this doc around for updates.

Won’t we have the greatest celebration!?!!!

would be great ....thank you for the and much happiness..

The biggest and best celebration. ✨🎵

I remember when the polio shots came out. After seeing too many classmates disappear I thought the shots were just wonderful.

God grant us a cure. In the name of Jesus.

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That is wonderful news I hope and pray that he is right

once they find treatment options that actually work, one hopes they're closer to finding out what causes an illness and therefore to the cure. *fingers crossed!

That would be something!

I recently read about a breakthrough with Type 1 diabetes.

They need to get on it!

I don't have all day! :D

Hurry, hurry, hurry! I’ll say it again! Hurry!

I'll be on my deathbed when they offer a cure for MS & diabetes.

"No, thanks. I'm good."


Amen !!

Thanks for sharing such great news!!!

IMHO, I have seen the progress in MS tx's since my dx in 1994 (dx and adios back then) to finally starting Avonex in 1997. Today, with 20+ tx, I have seen real progress!!!

Amen to the Cure!!!


That is wonderful. I pray it happens. 🙏🏽

It’s on my lengthy prayer list!

Its on mine and I have a long one too. 🙏🏽

i wouldnt bet on it its all bout money why have a cure when they make money from the sick

That will be wonderful when it happens.

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It is so refreshing when you hear good news, greaterexp Thank you for sharing! :-D

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