Update on antidepressant medication change :)

Saw my family doctor last week to have my antidepressant changed from Pristique/Abilify combo so that I could go back to getting some sleep and not having dizzy spells while laying down. He agreed to put me on something completely different, and we both agreed that starting Cybalta would be a good idea. So he stared me off with taking 30mg tablets at night and tapering off the Pristiue by taking 1/2 tablet at night for the first week and then 1/2 tablet every other day the second week. I go back to see him in 2 weeks. Since I had just started the Abilify approx 2 weeks ago, at a very low dose I was able to just stop taking that.

So far I have been feeling a little better each day, so I'm very happy about that ;) I will post updates as they happen. Have a wonderful day everyone. Thanks for your advice on my antidepressant situation!!


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  • Happy to hear you are noticing an improvement. Every little blessing counts! 💕

  • Sounds like things are looking up. Such a good thing to hear. 🌸😊

  • Hurrah! I'm thrilled you are feeling better and seem to be finding a better combination of meds.

  • bxrmom lm so happy to hear that! I needed to go back and refresh my memory about what happened, though!😅 I was on cymbalta once and l don't remember any side effects. So l hope it works well for you! Don't forget to keep track though ☺.

    And go out in ⛅ sun!☺


  • Thanks Jesmcd2 I hope things continue to get better with the medication change ;)


  • I love when people find medications that help them!

  • Glad you are starting to feel better!

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