High Winds and Water warnings

High Winds and Water warnings

WE are under high wind warnings and high water warnings.. The "Go" bag all packed.. I'm going shopping with a friend. We are about 10 miles from Stockton. 55-60mph haven't arrived yet. Hope everyone is doing well.

My gabapentin is now increased to 2 - 300mg capsules, morning and lunch time, 1 after dinner. It's helping, rib cage no longer feels like it's collapsing. My legs and feet are still tingling and feet have numbness, just not a intense as it was. Oh, and I'm feeling sleepy all the time from the increased dosage.. Trying to walk more as bone density test was not good from my sedentary life style the last 7 months. I now have Osteopenia, one step less than osteoporosis. Have increased Calcium to 1500mg per day. No other meds for that at this time. I've had osteoarthritis for 30+ yrs so that also contributes to the negative bone structure, I just didn't expect to have bone density to go bad so quickly.

Have a great day everyone! Lynn #Calfeechick

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  • Praying you are all ok, keep us posted, blessings Jimeka

  • Be careful in that weather CalfeeChick


    Also, be aware that calcium is best absorbed in divided doses (body can handle 500-600mg at a time) AND it can interfere with the efficacy of your gabapentin ( best if take gabapentin 2 hours after the calcium).

  • Good to know. I already divide my vitae's during the day. I will have to be more diligent about my intake of vitamins, etc.

  • CalfeeChick it's Fancy1959. I will be thinking of you and keeping you and any friends or family you have in the area as well in my prayers. Please be carefull! if it goes to raining like a monsoon please don't wait for the go signal. It's not worth the chance of getting caught in traffic and putting yourseldf in danger. Oh, and hang onto your hat and your umbrellas! Please keep us posted. We are worried.🌧☔⛆

  • Keeping you and everyone in Cali and Tex in my prayers 🌠

  • CalfeeChick Hope you stay safe and dry. My bone density went down very quickly when I was on Lyrica, which is in the gabapentin family. My rheumatologist said it was directly related to the Lyrica. Not many people are aware of this. My PCP and neuro did not even know this.

  • Thank you for the update, I've been on the Gabapentin only 30 days. I think the bone density loss is from the OA I've had for years in combination with going sedentary since I was diagnosed.

  • Hope so. I tend to think mine is from the steroids that I've been put on so many times over the last 10 year. I was only on Lyrica for 1 year.

  • Well, we made it through, lots of rain, the winds didn't get as bad as anticipated. There is lots of standing water in the outlaying areas, and the flooding has affected some in area a little away from us. Today has been one of blue skies, then clouds and cloud bursts. Important thing is we are okay for now!

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