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Swollen ankles feet and pneumonia NEED opinions please

Okay here I go. I was diagnosed with progressive MS in 2012. At first I was in denial. Let me make this short as possible. The past couple months I have had pneumonia which flared up an exacerbation that made my already swollen feet even bigger and blew out my ankles and moving up my legs now. The doctor has me on steroids again and again and again and again and again for 2 months. I have gained sooo much weight recently and starting to wheeze if I walk anywhere. Ohhh yeah and I can't hardly walk anymore or drive at all. The neurologist is only in every other week and my appointment is January 8th. My feet are looking deformed and it's wearing me down. I have been sleeping all day and night for a few days. Should I go to the hospital?? Ohhh and my primary doctor just keeps giving me diuretics. I'm now taking 4 a day. Not helping me. Does anyone know about pumps for swelling in my feet and ankles and legs??

One other question!! Does anyone know about assisted living facilities?? My counselor said I need to move out of Florida to get better health care. I can't burden my family. Does Medicare and Medicaid insurance cover assisted living facility??

Thank you for helping me sooo much!!!

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I am know doctor but I had swollen feet and it was from the medicine I was talking (baclofine)not sure about the spelling. Doesn’t the steroids

Gain weight?

When this was all happening I could still drive, I was lucky that the hospital had valet parking, but if you can’t drive I would have someone drives you

Good luck


Your health conditions all sound pretty serious. When’s the last time you saw your PCP? Do you have a case worker to help you with finding an assisted living facility? It sounds like you need some better direction from your docs. Good luck to you!! Advocate hard for yourself!!!


I'm sooo exhausted!!


doveflyfree hi hun, I agree with ssdw1958 and Juleigh21 you need to GO see someone now.😒 I'm not a Dr, but that doesn't sound good at all!

Go to the ER if it's that bad hun!💕 And try to get your feet up!

J 🌠


Thank you very very very much for caring and being supportive and loving!!! I'm exhausted!! Just been sleeping all day and night


I really think u need to go to ER hun as soon as u can im a staff nurse and pneumonia can be very bad. I don't mean to frighten u but I really think u should xx


doveflyfree , if you're starting to wheeze when you walk anywhere and you have pneumonia and swollen legs that are as severe as you describe, I agree that you should seek medical attention BEFORE your January 8 appointment. I hope you'll do that even if it means a trip to the ER.

Medicaid coverage varies from state to state but I think most states have some Medicaid coverage for assisted living facilities. However, the catch is that they aren't always high-quality assisted living facilities--and that is really unfortunate.


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