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Is anyone else listening to these talks this week?

Is anyone else listening to these talks this week?

I started listening to the Autoimmune Revolution yesterday and it is fascinating! A lot of it makes a lot of sense and I think could be a help in fighting the MS monster! It is free to listen too. If you are listening to it I would love to hear what you think of it.

The Autoimmune Revolution with Dr. Peter Osborne starts Monday! Don’t miss 35 amazing expert talks helping you prevent and reverse autoimmune pain. It’s time to achieve greater health and improved happiness so you can break the cycle of pain and start living again!


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I'm going to check this out. Dr Perlmutters books and recipes are good


So far the talks have been excellent! Even my husband who is anti doing anything that is not traditional medicine is liking these talks and thinks they make sense. He was raised if you get sick you take a pill. I am tired of just taking pills. They haven't worked for me so I am now looking for additional ways to fight my health conditions.


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