A Reflection To Share

A Reflection To Share

Today was not the first day on which a provoking post had left me musing, reflecting, or just basking in the warm glow of shared or happy moment.

Today, erash is the one who left me in such a state, as she caused me to reflect upon just what a blessing it is for us to engage in the arts (whether as a method for our own emotional releases and expressions, or as a means uniquely to convey our affection toward friends and loved ones).

That said, I hope to bless you all with a further introduction to Maya (known to some as the face painter). When Maya was 11, she stumbled upon my old easel and brushes. She asked if she could play with them, to which I said, "Of course!"

The next day, Maya (bereft of a single art lesson) came bouncing back into the room, displaying an energetic smile, and wanting to know my thoughts about her journey-woman's effort.

As delighted as I was to see evidence of Maya's artistic ability, I was even happier to know that she'd been given a source of life-long enrichment, and blessings for all those whose lives she touched.

I struggled in that moment to impart upon Maya a full understanding that our gifts and talents must each be treasured, nurtured, and put to good use.

As we each continue fighting the threats commonly posed against us by MS, let us each take just a few moments to reconnect with our various talents, interests and hobbies.

A life without passions is, well, passionless. . . .

. . . .and who wants to fight for that?????

Have a fully enriched and blessed day,


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  • Thank you Christopher, God bless you, Jimeka

  • and you. -c

  • GasLight

    U have a wonderful way with words and telling a story...as well as painting a picture 🌈

    And beautiful sentiment 😊

  • Thanks very much, erash, but the uploaded painting is not my handiwork, however-- this is the described painting that my daughter brought back to me the next day.

    I gaze upon it frequently these days. It blesses me each and every time.


  • Nicely said GasLight


  • Quite amazing work for an 11 year old 1st timer. My mom and my sister are talented in painting and drawing. As a child I lamented that I did not possess that same talent. I tormented myself claiming that God gave me no talents. I would search for anything i was good at, sports (no), acting (no), etc, etc...It was not until later in life that I accepted the fact that God gives some visual talents and others talents that are not always visible.

  • Thanks Christopher! :)

  • Eloquently put, Christopher! God bless you richly!

  • . . . and you, as well, greaterexp !!!

  • He does!

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