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Okay, I have gathered some info. Just very preliminary facts. I looked up the five least expensive airports to fly round trip to. As follows with average round trip ticket price: Cincinnati $199, Tampa $213, Atlanta $231, Dallas $251, LaGuardia NY $251. Of those choices I love Tampa, but want to hear from everyone. The good thing about somewhere by the water, we will get ocean breezes. But think through what is in the area you like, what time of year we want to do this, etc. There seems to be excitement about this, I sure am. Put on your thinking caps and let's use our incredible group genius to do this! Kelly xx

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  • Amore55

    Tampa is certainly most doable for me but I've been itching to get back to NYC

    Atlanta is also relatively close

    Do we have a map of those interested and then a mid point or location nearer to most?

  • Erash, that makes the most sense. I'll do another post requesting where everyone is located. Thanks! Kelly xx

  • i vote for Cincinnati, as i can drive to it and as usual i'm strapped for funds! Fancy1959. i also have family in atlanta and i could stay free.

  • I'm strapped for funds too looks like Cincinnati would be the least expensive, so what everyone else wants is better because I may not be able to go. That and my neuro told me I can't drive anymore.

    So, what do others think about flying and having MS?


  • Jennie, I have flown countless times since my diagnosis. It's not bad at all. 😁 It looks like Cincinnati might be a strong contender. Kelly xx

  • Thank you *Amore55 for telling flying isn't bad with MS. Phew! What a relief!

  • Now I am curious why would flying be bad for MS?

  • Jkdavid99, it is Fancy1959. Ms is extremely unique and complicated disease to have. We each follow our own path with MS so remember what might seem like a mundane everyday or every year activity for you my pose more of a problems for others. One thing that jumps into my mind if you're not seasoned flyer stress in the fear ujjand the nerves that would go along with flying could be extremely bad for someone with MS especially if there Ms if it's already switched on to act state somehow.

  • I've flown often in the past couple of months. I've had no problems. I like to sit close to a restroom and in an aisle seat so I can get up whenever I need to.

    Make sure you pack your meds in your carry on bag. And I always purchase a bottle of water once I've passed security as I often get thirsty or need to take a pill.

    You can also board early if needed. And if you have problems walking the concourses, Wheelchairs and assistance is available.

  • Tutu, great advice, all the same things I do and I always get a disability pre-boarding pass. Plus I like to fly Southwest so I can sit in the very front with more leg room. Never any problems on the countless flights I have taken since my diagnosis. Kelly xx

  • How long would we be visiting?

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