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I have tried to gather information to plan a gathering for those interested. However, I am still in my relapse and cannot plan the gathering. Someone healthier and maybe with more energy will have to pick up the planning. I have found some good info which I am glad to share. Sorry if I am letting you down, but I have to recognize my limitations. I love this forum and all of you are my family. Love, Kelly xx

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  • Amore55 don't worry since we all understand and hope you get a bit better. :)

  • dmaskal1, thank you so much for your kind words. You were the very first person I wrote to when I joined the forum eons ago. You have always been so kind to everyone, thank you. Kelly xx

  • Amore55, planning all of that is a huge undertaking. We all understand. You need to get well and rest. We know where your heart is and appreciate it. Praying you get feel better soon.

    Have you heard from your neuro on the MRI done at the ER yet?


  • Dawn, thank you so much for understanding. When my husband saw how much time I was spending looking at hotel rates, etc he said no way. I am still struggling too much with my relapse. Thank you for your dear friendship.💕 Love, Kelly xx

  • Amore55

    Gold star awarded for heartfelt intentions ⭐️

    We are here each day for each other and it matters so much and is, at least for me, the 🌞 Sunshine of my day!

    Be well my friend 💕

  • Liz, thank you for the gold star! I hope you are doing well. Love, Kelly xx

  • Kelly, it's lovely of you to come up with the idea and to get the ball moving. As a team, we have to pass the ball whenever the need arises. If we don't understand, who would!?!

    I'm glad you are being realistic about where you are at the moment rather than doing more than you should. We all know what happens when we push too hard.

    Rest and feel better quickly.. You're in our prayers.

  • Greaterexp, thank you for understanding my limits😃. It really means a lot to me. Like you said, I must be realistic about my abilities. Thank you for your friendship and support. Love, Kelly xx

  • I would say told you so, but lm not that kind of person Amore55 😑. Eh who are we trying to kid here😕 l told you to take it easy Kelly! Fell better soon!


  • Okay, Jes,miss smarty pants! You were right, it was too much for me. You always make me smile 😎. Thank you for your fun personality and for your friendship. How are you feeling? How is your family? Love, Kelly xx

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