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Let's get a little perspective.

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I understand that many of you are worried about this new virus that is all over the news cycles. But lets use a little common sense, actual facts, and logic.

I admit that I have not kept up with the latest "reports" on infections and deaths with the Corovid virus. The last I heard there were around 5000 deaths worldwide, 21 in the US. Since, I am not up to date, lets just say there are 6000 deaths worldwide. That is in a population of over 7 billion. The math says that the death ratio is .08% of the population has died from this disease in the world. In the US. We have 327 million citizens (approx) and 21 deaths. That math comes to: .06% 1 person for every 15 million people. Those are lottery odds.

Let's think about something else. How many times in your life have you gone to a store, grabbed a shopping cart, put your hands on the handle and not given it a second though? 100's? 1000's? More? If you really think about it, that is gross. And that does account for everything else we touch each minute of each day throughout our whole lives. That is a buttload of germs your body has fought off since the day you were born. You are alive.

I love you guys and I do not want you to be afraid because you have a compromised immune system. The MS drugs suppress B-cells which is a small part of your immune system. It is the t-cell or cd4 that is the main part of your immune system that keeps you from getting sick. I am not saying not to be careful by any means, just be smart and follow what you have been taught your whole life. Wash your hands properly, don't touch your face, and don't lick any hand railings.


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Thanks again for this post! I found this helpful website to explain the complexity of it all...this may also help us in order to make a more well-informed decision regarding our own personal health risks . The more comorbidities we have, the greater the need to learn and take precautions.


“Unlike T-cells and macrophages, B-cells don’t kill viruses themselves. In the Viral Attack story, the B-cell sweeps up the leftover viruses after the T-cell attack. Actually, B-cells are as important as T-cells and are much more than just a final clean-up crew. They make important molecules called antibodies. These molecules trap specific invading viruses and bacteria. Without this line of defense, your body would not be able to finish fighting most infections.”

Well said. Wash your hands, sneeze in your sleeves and try not to be in close contact with people which is what is suggested to avoid the flu.

Thank you 😊

T and CD4 counts drop during targeted B therapy/depletion.

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Credible read concerning B cell therapies in MS. You might find helpful info on some of the top MS meds in this paper from the UCSF...


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Thanks!! I’ve not read anything new in a while. It’s nice to see the recommendation for vaccines.

Well said.

On a side note I was looking forward to looking to licking a couple of hand rails 🤗😁😊

after talking to a hospital employee from a different part of the country,I asked her what is her hospital protacals for corona virus,she is not in the health field,but she said all employees had to go to a meeting concerning this,she said all that they said was just ramp it up from the regular flu,more handwashing ,no touching face,no handshaking it etc.

Aaron, loved the numbers and the logic. Common sense dictates that we don't touch our face and wash our hands (always anyway) and don't go to certain countries and on cruises (right now). My mom lives in Europe, she says it's like the beginning of World War III there. Panic has set in.

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Or light poles.

(Don't lick any)

I agree! I got an email from my church saying if we have conditions that make us more able to catch it to stay home and watch on our computers through zoom and sent a link. With my MS and my husband's COPD, it sounds like a great excuse to watch on my computer in my jammies and nobody will question it! 😀

Yes! Enjoy!!

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