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Starting with a Smile


I had been putting off on posting an intro, because of my typing difficulties, and my own lack for words in approaching what is still a bit of an emotional topic for me.

Then, intervening circumstance (and a pressing interest by jimeka to see the below photo) saved me from my introductory quagmire.

Everyone, meet Cole. As you can see, Cole really loves his stuffed giraffe. Cole also has an older sister with a love for painting (you probably guessed that part). Finally, you've no doubt reached a third, and somewhat obvious, conclusion about Cole-- he's a really good sport.

I'm Christopher, age 49, and you can probably guess my relationship to this awesome young man.

I was formally diagnosed with PPMS at the Mellen Center about 16 months ago, but have had symptoms since about 2008. Finally went to Mellen, when progression of the symptom circus had left me unable to keep working, and had made even walking with a cane a seriously dangerous venture for me.

Some folks say that I should be standing next to Cole in this photo, painted up like a procrastinating ostrich . . . .


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GasLight, that has to be the BEST introduction ever! Love it! Cole and his giraffe are adorable. Big sister did a great job. 😉

I know you've had more than your share of rough times. I pray 2017 is a better year.

It's nice to officially meet you!

GasLight in reply to Tutu

Thanks very much @Tutu -- tomorrow, a new year will begin, in both a literal and figurative sense.

I take it as Providence (and find myself smiling), as I type this observation, and then circulate it to my new group of awesome friends.


jimeka in reply to GasLight

Hi Christopher, glad you were able to post the picture, your daughter shows promise as regards being artistic, Cole looks great. I have PPMS too, just waiting for this new medication to be released, you will probably get in the States before us. Who ever it's made available to, I hope it works. Hope and pray 2017 is as good if not better than what you are wishing for, blessings Jimeka

FloGlo79 in reply to GasLight

We are all ONE BIG FAMILY@gaslight 👍 all facing difficulties or struggles with this mess , but prayer, faith, and love can get us through. Happy New Year to you and the family.

GasLight in reply to FloGlo79

Thanks very much, FloGlo79 especially for your prayers !!!

FloGlo79 in reply to GasLight

No problem my brother, we are supposed to pray for one another and strengthen each other. Are kids need us☺


Good evening and welcome Gaslight to this awesome chat room from Fancy1959! You would have found a safe place to come ask questions, voice search, or simply talk to someone else you'll understand what it is like to have MS. I am glad Jimeka found you and talked to you into joining our extended family! I hate to hear that you have PPMS. Late this past summer my diagnosis went froM RRMS to SPMS. I went undiagnosed for about 15 years and that allow the MS run amok in my brain and on my spinal cord. As a result my disability is rather high for someone diagnosed just four years ago.

I want to extend to you a warm welcome to our chat room. We pride ourselves on our members being extremely kind, courteous, and extremely compassionate people with very positive attitudes.. remember we are just supposed to weigh if you have any questions or want to make a post to get multiple response. I would like to remind you to never ever put our suggestions over that of your physician. They are the experts in the field and we are just giving you ideas that may or may not work for you but talk to your physician before implementing them.,

I look forward to communicating with you. Please keep in touch with us and let us know of any significant advances you make with your issues. If you can send me your email address I will forward an email that JohnMSAA sent out last week. The information is very pertinent to you in a new study that is out there about one of the newest therapies on the market and how it affects primary progressive MS And I would like you to take very good care of yourself and those awesome kids of yours! I would also ask one last thing for you to remember. And that is that together we are strong,

Welcome GasLight aka Christopher

Cole is adorable and you have a magically humorous way with word😄

So glad you have joined our little (growing) group. Happy New Year 🎉


Well hey there GasLight have to agree with others that picture and greeting are great! 😅 Have to say you came across an amazing chat forum.😁 Can't really say anything more than what Fancy1959 has said. 😊

'Cept hi and we also have fun here 😁


Welcome Christopher and Happy New Year! Oh yea, love the Giraffes, both of them.

Welcome GasLight to our group. Its nice to have you and your wonderful family. Cole is adorable. I was also diagnosed at age 49 just about 18 months ago. I also had been showing signs since around 2008. Don't blame yourself for not finding out earlier. Most of us have similar stories. I also didn't know until it was so bad I couldn't work anymore. We all know how life changing this disease is but we "put on our big girl panties", in your case, big boy undies, and learn how to live a life we never expected. And we do it with our supportive family, which includes this group.

Do you live in a log home? If that is where the picture was taken...

GasLight in reply to Karen-x

Hi, Karen-x

That's interesting how our progression schedules have matched one another so closely.

The picture was taken in a conventional home with log siding and matching wood interior that I (tinkering hobbyist) was building over at our farm, at least as weekend time and work breaks permitted.

As you can see, the place was still a bit of a active construction site at the time of the photo-- local thieves had found our secluded home and were robbing us blind, so we had to move in a little early.

I don't own that farm anymore.



Karen-x in reply to GasLight

I asked about the house as it looks just like the inside of my home. My home looms traditional but is in fact all log. The outside was milled to look like wood siding. :)

GasLight in reply to Karen-x

That really sounds beautiful, @Karen-x

Our exterior was the rough hewn 10" log siding, and I put a 10' wraparound porch on the cabin, with 30 or so whole log timbers as the porch posts. Then I used one spare timber and all of the porch post cutoffs to make a log spiraled staircase, which was hand-carved and kind of became the centerpiece of the house. I had a lot of fun building that home. Bias admitted, there's a certain warmth to the style which just cannot be matched.

Karen-x in reply to GasLight

True, you can't beat the cozy warm feel of the wood. Your place sounds lovely too. Any pictures of the staircase? I'd love to see it!

Like Karen-x. I noticed the beautiful wood. You're talented GasLight!

GasLight in reply to Tutu

I didn't make the beautiful wood.

It was the Lord who did that, and yes, He is miraculously talented indeed. 😄

Tutu in reply to GasLight

I ageee with you, GasLight, but God obviously blessed you many ways. 💕

Oh this one tugged my heart being a sucker for kids....How adorable though....a keeper for sure!

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