Can pain be considered a relapse or flare?

I had decently bad pain in both legs, on and off for a couple weeks.. I just dealt with it. Then it was everyday all day. My whole legs. It was interrupting sleep, and my work. So I saw my PCP because I do not like my neuro. She obviously prescribed something for pain and something to sleep. Well my pain meds weren't approved by my insurance.. (ofcourse) So never even took any... but Then all of a sudden my legs stopped hurting....

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  • Jvmepm if you find the answer, I sure would like to know!! When I have a lot of symptoms during a week, seems to me it would be an active relapse. But neuro says no. I asked him what qualifies for an official "relapse." He said it is a clinically made decision. I was angry as usual! Course, most of what they say doesn't make sense. I just know I will be much worse for a few days, or a week, then I will be better for a few weeks. I am keeping a journal now, to see if there is a pattern, and if the symptoms are similar during the bad times. Maybe then he will agree it is a relapse,or flare up or whatever!

  • That is similar to what I experience. I tend to have a really good day, week, and so on, then I can count on a follow up of pain, and inability to move and not wanting to get out of bed. This is so bad.

  • I've been laid up for 3+days with legs of lead. Worst they've ever been. I'm suspecting it's a combination of MS, OA and the freezing temperatures we've been having at night. Digestive track etc tied up too. I don't take any meds yet but last night was ready to beg for meds. Taking a deep breath and going to push through to have a Happy New Years 🎉🎊

  • Sorry about the pain and bad days. I hope you all feel much better soon.

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