Finally found a cardio exercise I can do:)

Can't believe it's almost been a year since my DX of RRMS. While i know and experience how annoying and painful this disease can be from time to time, I still tell myself it could always be worse. Don't get me wrong, this IS a shitty disease for sure! My main issues have always been in my legs. I experience weird shooting pains down the back of my legs, burning sensations, tingling and sometimes a terrible achiness. These issues come and go. My right leg is a little weaker than the left. all that being said, my biggest challenge has been exercise! I LOVE the outdoors and doing anything outside. Cutting the grass, planting flowers, washing my car, running and walking. Been blessed the heat loves me so far:) But my legs get fatigued quick. Have been frustrated finding cardio until this past Monday. Went to the gym and happen to get on an Arc Trainer. It was AWESOME. Did 45 minutes, dripped sweat and legs were great. Super low impact. No repercussions. If your looking for something for cardio with low impact, try an Arc Trainer. Just had to share my excitement for finally being able to do a cardio workout.

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  • Pleased that you have found something you can do and enjoy. Keep going and keep smiling. I love to hear of people with ms enjoying themselves, it does me the world of good, knowing all is not lost. Cheers Jimeka

  • I also have the problems with my legs! Kayaking is my cardio! It's easy on my legs but works the upper body, so I am still getting a workout! It's wonderful to hear and talk to other people that are going through some of the same things. I look forward to talking again soon!! :)

  • Hi ASC2. Ummm, thanks for posting. I also was very active. Try to swim a few laps a couple of times a week. Will check for arc trainer next time. Lynn

  • Every time I go too my neuro. I look around the waiting room and say to myself I could be so much worse. Bob ppms

  • ASC2, so happy for you. Being active is so very important to both emotional and physical well being! Now, what exactly is an arc trainer? 🙄

  • Hi! An Arc Trainer machine kinda looks like an elliptical. Your feet stay planted the entire time...which is great for me! The motion is somewhat like a skiing motion and a little gliding back and forth. Not hard on joints at all and burns more calories than an elliptical! Google the machine and read about it, it explains and shows pictures which will give you an better idea.

    I know swimming is supposed to be good, but the thought of jumping in cold water makes me wanna cry 😜

    Have a great weekend!

  • I agree about the swimming! I live in Fla and only swim end May thru Sept. Thanks for the info on the Arc Trainer. Sounds great!

  • They keep the pool at the gym at 84'. Actually a little warm for serious swimming. In the pool is the only time my legs and feet don't feel like lead weights😊👍🏊🏼🏊‍♀️🏊🏼

  • Welcome to the this great chat room ASC2 , timandlisa66 and downrigger

    As you can see from past posts, we talk about pretty much anything. :)

    Liza- volunteer admin

  • So glad you found something that works!! I wish my husband could find something. Unfortunately, he can barely work a stationary bike let alone anything involving upright leg movement. We go to the gym every day, but basically he can only work on the ab and weight machines. He always tries to put in 10 minutes of pedaling, but it's a start/stop thing, so he definitely doesn't get aerobics benefits. Would be great if someone could suggest a way for him to get his heart rate up for at least a solid 15 minutes. Thanks ahead!!

  • Hi!

    Good thing is your husband is trying to do what he can, that's half the battle! Keep him doing what his body will allow him to do and continue to research other activities. Do you belong to a gym where he has access to a swimming pool? I have just heard over and over how good swimming is for us MSers. Also, has your husband had any PT? Once I was DX I saw a PT who specialized in those with MS and it was very helpful. They may have some useful suggestions for him!

    Praying he finds something he can do to get his heat rate up and make him feel good about it. In the meantime, keep him doing what he can do and help him keep smiling! Best of luck to you both 😀

  • At a recent MS workshop I attended, the guest neurologist spoke about the importance of aerobic exercise for cognition. I know the benefits of exercise on weight, muscle tone vs atrophy, etc., but what she shared really hit home with me. She explained how most workouts pump blood to our heart, but not all exercise pumps it to our brain. That's why we need even small bursts of cardio-to regenerate the brain cells by getting the blood pumping up there. She said that will help with cognitive issues.

  • I love my recumbent racing tricycle. great fun just dodge the idiots on the road. Cattrike Trail little expensive but worth the $1500 USDand hanging out at the bike shop looking at gadgets makes u feel almost normal :-)

  • So that's what the letters stand for ... Multiple Sh*^^iness ! : ))

    I'll second that ! I have issues with most bits of me at this point ( still undiagnosed ). I still enjoy a moderate walk and potter around my garden. I also have an on the spot 'dance' with my stick when I go out to music venues, it's great exercise - I love all kinds of music but am a big 'ska' fan : )

    It can be difficult to find a form of exercise sufficiently stimulating, that also suits your abilities. I've never tried a gym - I just take one look at all that scary machinery and my muscles cringe ! x

  • That's great that you found a cardio workout that you can do. Inspiring me.. our gym is only a block away and most days I don't even feel like walking over there.. Will have to check for Arc machines.. Thanks for the post!

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