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Well we've all got through Christmas just New Year to go now. I hope all you mob who live on the underside of the world, the northern hemisphere, haven't frozen to death. We all spent Christmas at my sisters place in the South Australian Mallee and it was 43 degrees C (about 110 F) on Christmas day but a change came through and it dropped to 36 on Boxing day (about 97 F). The change also brought thunderstorms so it got very humid too. I hate that. It was much more comfortable at 43 and dry. If anyone with MS can be said to be comfortable when its hot. I used to love the heat but it fattens me now. I'm back home in central Victoria now and it is only 30 C today (about 86 F) so much better for me. I hope everyone is happy and as well as can be. Take care and keep smiling. Steve.

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  • Hi Steve, happy new year to you. Here in the uk it was 14* plus on Christmas Day, we even had the windows open, now it's down to 1* and white frosts. I can't imagine eating a roast turkey dinner at 43*, do you have a barbecue or is it even too hot for that. At one time I would have been the first to have been out enjoying the sun but this ms seems to be able to rob you of all you enjoy. Now I can't even take a hot shower without feeling shattered after it. Keeping cool is a priority now. How is the excavation going for the forensics that you were doing, did you find what you were looking for. I thought of you when I spoke to my friend in Victoria the other day, nice to hear from you again, all the best for 2017, blessings Jimeka

  • G'day Jimeka, no roasts here on the top of the world, it's cold meat and salads. We did have a barbecue on Boxing day. You're right, this heat intolerance is a mongrel. The good thing about it is though that it gives us something to grizzle about. That's a bonus, we wouldn't want to feel left out with all the other whingers around. We haven't started back in the mine yet. It will be some time in January. At least it will be cool down there. The temperature underground doesn't change. I'll let you know how it goes. Happy new year. Steve.

  • Hi Steve, thank you, what you do is very interesting, and it must be very rewarding for both you and the family involved if you find what you are looking for, cheers Jimeka

  • It'll be rewarding if we find him. Steve.

  • Happy new year Aus, have you had a good one? It's 11.30 am with you isn't it? Sure hope 2017 is good to you, blessings Jimeka

  • G'day Jimeka, It's 1.25 PM here. We had a quiet night, in bed by 10.30. I hope you had a good one last night and for this year. Steve.

  • PS I hope it's not too cold for you down there on the bottom of the world.

  • It's a mild night, no frost, about 4* C, put the Christmas decorations away the day before, did too much, so spent pretty much the whole of New Year's Eve feeling sorry for myself, exhausted 😩 but hopefully today will be a better day, enjoy your day, Jimeka

  • G'day Steve, glad u enjoyed Chrissy. Steady on for new years, not more then a six pack of XXXX, hope u do not drink Fosters. Have a good one mate,

    Roce, Arizona X Queenslander :-)

  • G'day Royce, No-one drinks Fosters! It's all exported. Rubbish. Did you know that XXXX, barbed wire, originated in Castlemaine, Vic? You have a good one too mate. Steve.

  • No I did not interesting, okay on the subject of beer. I always thought fosters tasted like cats piss might, I preferred Tooheys Old, and there is some way expensive stuff that I liked but can't remember. Those were the old days, with all the anti pain drugs I take now, drinking will get me a nice visit to the ER and my stomach pumped, but ahh that is life :-) Royce

  • Yes, it's still called the Castlemaine Perkins Brewery. I agree that all the med's we have to use are shitfull but I they also remind me that there are a lot of poor bastards in the world who don't have access to any medical treatment so we should be thankful that we can get them. That's the way the chicko rolls (also invented by a Castlemaine resident). Steve.

  • Belated Christmas wishes and the very best to you in 2017, shortyPPMS.

    My husband and I were down in Santiago, Chile a few days before Christmas. Hot there, but not sweltering like where you spent the holiday. I don't know how you handle it. We lived in Hawaii for nearly 20yrs. When we left there and moved to the cooler Pacific Northwest (Washington state), my MS went into a 4yr remission. Hawaii was beautiful, but my MS and the heat and humidity do not play well together.

    I assume it's a dry heat where you are?

    Wishing you the best, Steve.

  • G'day Tutu, yes it's usually dry heat here. The mallee, where we were at Christmas is normally dry. They only get about 11 inches of rain a year. We get more than twice that here in central Victoria. I used to live in the Northern Territory but MS and the tropical humidity didn't fit. Have a good one. Steve.

  • I used to hate the cold my body would tense up, but now with MS (7/2013 )I love it. After my first hot flash( summer 2016) I welcome the cold. I'm also anemic so before the hot flashes I would take really hot showers because I was always cold. I have to admit I miss the scolding hot showers

  • I'm the same mate, not anaemic though.

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