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Holiday Greetings and Blessings to All!

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Greetings to everyone, having a hard time sleeping. Friday's are "injection day" for Copaxone and Melatonin tabs aren't working; my Neuro prescribed Zolpidem PRN (as yes they help tremendously) even though I don't want to rely on them. I mailed off my Christmas gifts to my three grandchildren in Delaware; I miss them so much!

Our first Christmas we didn't get a chance to sit around in the family room; "snuggled -up" snacks watching movies etc. Then I thought about this year; "the reason for the season" and hope for brighter days, a vaccine that is here ( whatever personal preferences) life and happiness are controlled by positivity.

So, during all of this burrrrrr cold we had in Philly and as "Boyz to Men" sing so beautifully: "Let it Snow" and it did! And my hubby cleared the snow of several neighbor's homes (elders/ sick-shut-in) while I threw down the rock salt. Doing good, no matter how small when so much chaos floods the news, is just good for the "Mind Body and Soul."

Peace and Blessings -



11 Replies
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Absolutely, merry Christmas!

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that is so nice to clear their sidewalks ...bless you both ...we are that way but here is plowing the driveways ...have a great fun and love filled Christmas ...can you do that video with your grand children i don't know how to but i hear of people doing to keep in touch with family...good luck but you still can be involved just call them ...have them put phone on speaker and all can talk and enjoy...loads of love and happiness....

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stepsforNeeC in reply to twooldcrows

Yes, I have done Zoom and Face Chat; we will and bless you and your family too :)


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What sweet folks you are! And what lovely neighbors you are! I'm so glad you are getting into the spirit of the season.

My daughter and her family, and my daughter-in-law with her daughter get into pajamas (even in the Midwest!) each year, bring flasks of hot chocolate, and roam the neighborhood in their cars for looks at all the Christmas lights. Sounds like such fun!

Merry Christmas!

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stepsforNeeC in reply to greaterexp

I know, I love it. I love our church service and choir too, all types of Christmas music. Merry Christmas to your family.

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Many Blessings and Holiday Wishes to you and your loved ones, stepsforNeeC Love does indeed make the world go round! :-D

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stepsforNeeC in reply to carolek572

Always my friend, always :)

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I was on Copazone for 7 years. It was so nice when the shots went from daily to, I think?, 3 times a week. My symptoms improved during much of this time. I have been off all DMT (disease modifying therapy) for 3 years now. No new lesions. The only symptoms of annoyance while on Copazone were very itchy rash, especially at injection site. I purchased spray on Benadryl or the generic and that took care of problem. I'm in my 70's now and have a "peaceful" coexistence with MS. I've been told that as we age, often times MS will become more "dormant". It has for me. Wishing you a good, healthy, safe new year.

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stepsforNeeC in reply to purpletustin

Thank you for that, and God bless :)


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I don’t think insomnia was a side effect of Copaxone because it is part of symptoms associated with MS in general. And I’d recommend you take a half Zolpidem at first bc I got dependent on it which, though it worked, wasn’t any good either. Only use zolpidem occasionally.

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stepsforNeeC in reply to 44ssaacc

Everyone responds differently; apprised on drug dependency, titration of medications etc.; was Board Certified in PA Addiction Counseling for many years.

Again, blessings to you and yours-

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