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HI ALL IT’S ssdw1958


Hi all I haven’t been on for awhile, I’ve been trying to get ahead with paperwork. And we are getting our new windows tomorrow Saturday,

this MS really can through me for a loop. It’s hard because things have to be pulled away from the windows, if I try to do what needs to be done my husband will find me on the floor when he gets home.

My husband said to me where are you going to go when the windows are being installed I told him I’ll be in the kitchen. You see my house is small.

Yesterday this weather has been so up and the temperature was57*f and the humidity was 100% which is really bad for me.

So yesterday I took a pill 10% Tylenol with codeine let me tell you that helped me out so much it helped my knees so much.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

I will have new windows Saturday.

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Glad to see u back here! Missed you! Hope the new windows help! 💜

Well the windows won’t be tomorrow the contractor has other things to do but I do have do think about my husband and myself.




Hello Sandy,

Bet you cannot wait to see those windows installed. Remember, it will get messy before it gets all straightened out. Remember to take care of yourself, though!

Keep Smiling,

Carole :-D

ssdw1958 in reply to carolek572

Thanks for the kind words and I think about having to take care of my self, some times it just takes so much out of you as I know we all know about that.

😊 Sandra

Yay!👍 We have been missing u Sandra, at least I have, glad to hear bout new windows!😃 but don't overdo it sweety, be careful K. Just pace yourself. Congrats & Mazel Tov!👍💪👋 Glad ur back. Love ya!💚💙💛💖💕U have a good/Great weekend too---Jazz 🌹💜

Thanks jazinco

You know how it goes sometimes when you just want to do nothing that’s been me

for awhile I just had to do that for me. That fall I took a couple of weeks ago took a lot out of me. My legs are not working well with me

Which I was doing well after my physical therapy but it feels that I’ve gone backwards. After that fall.

It really stinks when you feel you go one step forward then something like that happens and you feel you take two steps backwards.

You have a good weekend


Glad to hear about your windows ssdw1958 Sorry the contractor has plans. When I owned my house, I had windows put in and it was one guy (a contractor with Lowes) and he did a very good job. Came out one day to do all measurements and to make sure what I wanted and then when the windows were in, he installed them all in a day (10 I believe it was). Didn't make a mess and was very good. Hope that Home Depot is able to do just as great of a job for you. Keep us updated. Until then, take it easy and try not to overdo it.


ssdw1958- Let us know how the windows look.


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