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Calling all Care Givers to get involved! YOU play a primary role in the emotional and phyiscal well being of those you love & care for!


Caregivers do you realize the importance of the role you play in the lives of those of us who have MS? By becoming involved in this MSAA chat room, YOU can improve the health, the prognosis, the future of those you provide support for. To the original care givers who responded to the first post, Peter_H, Auntiesusie, 6422, DogMamma, and others I am sure I've missed, and to all the new caregivers who have recently come aboard with the MS patients they care for, we need your involvement and input. You can make a huge difference in the health of those you care for. But, in order to do so, you must get involved and stay involved in this chat room. Introducing youself and then disappearing doesn't help much at all. We need you to bring up subjects you need information about. We need you to ask questions and reply to post. You supply the missing piece of the puzzle in the MS patients you care for. Without your input, the health and emotional state of those you care for can never be pieced totally together! You can offer insights about what was successful for you and what failed for you when you were caring for your MS partners. You can talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the MS programs your partners have been involved in. You can point out what is most challenging for you partners and what is beyond their strength and endurance levels in order to prevent others from allowing injury to happen to their partners. The list is endless as the stars in the sky! As i tell all the MSers i deal with, "Together we are stronger!" Do you have the right stuff, the commitment, and the determination to help us improve the lives of those we care for and often love who are in the battle against MS? If so, become involved and join us in this crusade! You can make a difference!

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