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New names l see, lntroduce yourself :)

I would like to take this time to Welcome the people who have yet to join in. :) l see names that l haven't seen before. I hope that you will introduce yourselves here so we all can meet you :)

We really are afriendly bunch. And we don't bite (hard anyway) hahaha

Everyone's input is important. Weather to laugh or cry, we are all in this together. So please introduce yourself :) or just jump in!

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Happy Thanksgiving to al!

I don't bite, nibble maybe, but bite no. I think @Jesmcd2 has a great idea! The more the merrier I've been known to say. I've found this is a fun bunch here and very wise and helpful too.

Welcome all and have a great day!

Time to go fill the eggs with the "deviled" part. LOL

P.S @Jesmcd2 Thank you for thinking of others.


Al? I think that should read ALL



Not one new person is going to say hello? We arnt that bad are we? :)

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We're not bad at all! I might be...ha ha ha.

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HAHAHA l think we are scaring them away jennie62 Hopefully l can get some new members today. MSA has a Christmas Tree at the library to decorate. I'm going to give out the website to those that show up. :)

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