Six months ago

Just over 6 mons ago, l was still really, really, OK really, ticked off! At life! At people, at pretty much everyone and everything! Most of all l was ticked at this thing in my body that seems to be taking over! And l couldn't Fix lt!!!! ( You know, cut it out, you do brain surgery every damn day) Ticked.

Then l stumbled across this community. I can't remember where. But it was there when l needed it! You all were here when l needed you! You helped me learn acceptance l guess? Even though lm still ticked some days, it's not so bad.

I know now lm not alone in this! We are all in this together!

Thank you to the best Community Ever!💕


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  • Jes, I feel the same way! I feel less lost and vulnerable having this community for support and knowledge.

  • Oh Jesmcd2 what a wonderful post and so glad u r feeling more acceptance. This forum has done similar for me and you are definitely part of the reason for that!

    Acceptance is difficult for something that for me is a moving target of symptoms --some days great, some good, some not so good. Especially when I try to analyze what caused the not so good days and can't pinpoint a cause. So I've grown to be more accepting that it's not always in my control.

    A bit scary that we can't predict what MS has in store for each of us. But def. reassuring that we have each other for support regardless.

    Jes, I have never detected your anger but i do love your sarcastic wit 💕

  • That is funny because, 6 months ago I had my first attack in over 20 years. Previously MS had caused me problems, I even had to quit work but I had managed to have a decent life. Now my muscles cramp and hurt like heck every day, the other day I stood up and felt like I had lead boots on both feet. I was ticked, not scared just mad. Then I got an email about this sight (I have no idea why) and began reading what you all were posting. I calmed down and thought, I still can have a decent life, just different.

    I have a loving family, great friends and neighbors and Spring is coming.

    I am OK.

  • Well said Jes

  • Ditto Jes x

  • Thank YOU as well, Jesmcd2 ! You are DEFINITELY not alone. Everyone here at MSAA HQ is also thankful that you've helped shape and grow this Community so that others don't have to feel alone as well!

    - John, MSAA

  • Jesmcd2 because of you and everyone here I've been more able to handle "bad" days with MS. Days when I am ticked off too.

    I have to thank you @Jesmcd2 and all on this website for being there and helping me to feel like I'm not alone...normal(???) perhaps. It's good to know others feel the same (especially have a sense of humor like mine about having MS).



  • I echo what everyone else has said, Jesmcd2. I've gained new insight, knowledge and encouragement here, but it is the new friendships I treasure the most. I really didn't know what I was missing until I met all of you. Thank you. 💕

  • Ditto Tutu and Jesmcd2 . I'm cherishing all the new friends I've made and having people around that understand. MS can be a lonely disease that makes you feel like you have stopped while others around you keep moving on. I'm so glad to have this new MS family that is moving along life's treadmill at a similar speed to me (except Tutu that I'll never be able to keep up with). I don't remember how I found this community, but am so glad that I did.

  • I obviously can't keep up with me either, Iona60. 😉

  • Don't stop Tutu . Keep going for all of us!

  • I am like others who said they can't remember how they found this site, but it sure is one of my favorite parts of life! I love the friendships I have found here and know they will continue for a long time. Thanks to all of you for always brightening my day and I pray I can give some sunshine back. Love to all, Kelly

  • Amore55 You bring me sunshine Kelly. Thanks for being my friend.

  • Jessmcd2, it's Fancy1959. I truly understand what you say here. I stumbled across this chat room at a time in my life when I felt totally disabled and useless. I could no longer work and my body was deteriorating right before my eyes. Then I found this MSAA chat room and suddenly I had a purpose to my life again.

    Finding this chat room was the single most life changing event of my adult life. No longer was I without a purpose in life. I found a way to help others and as a bonus I found a camaraderie I never knew existed. A camaraderie born of challange and hardship. Battle tested in our everyday struggle to beat the beast trying to consume us, one bite at a time! As an added bonus from this camaraderie was born dozens of new friendships, all who are near and dear to my heart. Because each one of you truly understand every struggle i must endure, every numb body part I must learn to live with, and every stumble I make. Even though MS is never a blessing I feel as I have been blessed finding the wonderful people in this chat room.

  • Fancy1959 you really should get into writing! How you said what I was feeling is just beautiful!

  • Jesmcd2, I can't think of anything to say since everyone has already stated eloquently how I feel, too. I am so thankful for all of you!

  • that is what community is about. I am better with myself because of all of you, & I hope I pas a tiny smidgen of me onto you on less than bright days. Together we are better stronger more able to face what we have to\must. Together we find it, whatever it is when we need it.

    Have a dull uneventful day.


  • Boring is good, RoyceNewton!

  • sure is it does not just :-)


  • Uneventful is very good!

    Welcome RoyceNewton! Could be my bad memory, but seems I haven't seen you around.

    LOVE what you said though!


  • Nah your memory is good my dear, I have just been sort of lazy:-)


  • Please tell others my memory is good. You sure aren't alone when it comes to "lazy"...Just call it Fatigue and all is good-Hahaha?


  • Tutu, Royce, and Jennie, it's Fancy1959. Please don't let this beast rob you of your joy in life and in living. I never wish anyone to be afraid to allow the joys and the spontaneity of life to shine through. I wish that you all may live your life to the fullest. To me, living my life in a dull and lifeless manner is not living at all. So grab the bull by the horns, so to speak, and hang on for the entire 8 seconds! if I didn't challenege myself and if i let my life become one quiet, montonous journey i think i would be much more likely to stop fighting all together. i know each one of us follows our own unique path so if the quiet, uneventfull path is what works for you, don't let me attempt to steer you away. (Oooppsss, I couldn't help myself! Haha!)

    I do wish that your MS remains in a quiet, nonprogressive state. Just find ways to expand your joy in life and in living without putting additional stress on your MS.😆

  • I know the feeling. I've had it (diagnosed) for 3 years now. I still have a hard time with acceptance. Frustrating

  • Dpjinx you are accepted by me! Glad you're here!

    Took too many years (and a neuro change) for my Dx almost 2 years ago. Frustration is the key word! : )

  • Dpjinx it's Fancy1959. Jennie62 echoed my sentiments. I know, first hand, just how frustating all of this can be. Many of us experience the frustratiion and have a hard time accepting the MS prognosis just like you are. Remember what Jennie said, you are accepted and understood here. You are part of this large extended family! When I was diagnosed my first thought was what had I done to deserve MS! I finally figured out none of us deserve MS, we were just the unfortunate few it choose to sneak up on and blind side us! I, too, am glad you have found us! Keep in touch and remember we are just a post away if you need us. Together we are stronger and can make miracles happen!

  • Fancy1959 you're so right! Most of the time it's either too cold or too hot when I'm most frustrated. Today being too cold! Haha? Here's hoping tomorrow will keep on the warmer side and I'll be painting pain-free.

    Just a thought: Somewhere deep in my brain I'm thinking those of us who have any form of MS are the ones who have hearts of gold and are there to help others. Even if we don't say/do anything out loud, just seeing some of the struggles we go through helps others. Well, perhaps this is just a thought I have.

  • Oh, Jennie63, what a golden thought that is! Fancy1959.

  • Thank you Fancy1959 ! (Especially for making me a years younger-haha)


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