I couldn't find the grateful and thankful thread that we had going for Daily saying what we are grateful for so I guess I'm starting a new one.

For yesterday, I am grateful that my visit to the dentist yesterday went very well. I had an infection develop underneath a three tooth bridge that is implanted on posts in my mouth. He had to take the bridge completely off clean everything out clean the bridge and reinstalled it but he got it all done within an hour. Thank goodness it was not that painful and thank goodness for the Novocain which was a weird experience considering having my mouth numbed up and then my legs were all numb at the same time😀

For today, I am grateful for my friends, that filled my phone with well wishes and offers of assistance if I needed it.

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  • I could not find the thankful thread either so I started one earlier today but there's always much to be thankful for and multiple thankful threads are always good 👍

    I want the name of your dentist as one hour is fantastic.

    Too bad we can't tell MS what to make numb for the day. 😛

  • I'll have to search for your thankful post, Erash. I waited until late last night to post my thanks for the day and had to dig around to find the original post.

  • Subject reads: I'm thankful for...

    Took me awhile to find it too. Posted 7 hrs ago

  • You always make me laugh.

  • I'm so happy to hear all went so well, Lynn. At least your dentist didn't have a vibrating chair or seat warmer to go along with the numbing meds! My dentist has the vibrating chair. I ask for it to be turned off when I'm there as it just magnifies what I already feel inside. And the first time I sat in my mom's new car, I thought I had ruined her leather seat. She laughed and told me the warmth I felt spreading from my bottom to thighs was the heated seat warmer!

    Yes, thoughtful friends cheer and cry with us...what a blessing they are!

  • Ha! My husband's grandmother rode with my sis-in-law and didn't know about the seat warmer. She asked my SIL to turn around and go home because she thought she wet her pants!

  • Yep, been there and done that! 😱

  • I should have just added this to my reply to you, Lynn. I second the latter part of your post:

    Today I am most thankful for the love of friends.

  • I'm really thankful for the new friends that I am meeting on this website. Something else I can do for 15 minutes.

  • Grateful for our warm home, during this cooling weather and week-end rainy days.

  • CalfeeChick CalfeeChick , the heat in my house isn't working. Can I come to yours?

  • Sure, we can put together a puzzle or just visit.

  • I am thankful for my wife and children. They are able to help me a lot.

  • Monday-I am grateful for the Internet. It has brought me here to this group which brightens my day every day. It gives me opportunity to research our allows me to keep in touch with friends and family so even when I don't want to leave the house they are just a Internet connection away..

  • I am meeting a friend with MS that I met through an online support group, similar to this one, 20 years ago. It has been a couple of years since we've gotten together because we live in different states. I am thankful for her friendship and the opportunity we had to meet one another.

    And after seeing Erash's autumn picture, I must add that I am also thankful for God's beautiful creation!

  • Tuesday- grateful for a Sunny kitchen sunny day to get a lot of paperwork done. All set up for next year's insurance. I load off my mind.

  • So lm a few days behind, but l usally am :D Monday l was thankful that l went back to bed before strike 3. Ugh... My space heater died in the bdrm and it was 30° and my glasses broke. Lol.

    Tuesday lm thankful for a wonderful boyfriend, who surprised me again with a new Christmas Tree :)

    Wednesday lm thankful for YOU, all of you have been there when l needed a smile, information, or a shoulder. Thank you

  • I can't keep up with the various thankful posts (but the more the better, right?) and since this is the first one I found, I'll tag on here.

    Today is Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. I am thankful for anticipation. What a wonderful gift that is...the looking forward to something that has yet to arrive!

  • Wednesday- thankful that my mini skin cancers were quickly zapped off this morning. I got to drive myself..thankful for that too. Wishing all my MS friends here a Blessed Thanksgiving!

  • That is good news, Lynn. And happy to hear about you manning the wheel today too. What a very happy Thanksgiving this will be!

  • Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Tutu. Yes, that was only the 3rd time I've driven since I went numb last June.. :-}

  • I didn't realize that, Lynn. I am sorry this has affected you so greatly in such a short amount of time. Let's pray your doctors have an answer for you when you meet with them on Dec 19th.

    Thank you for your Thanksgiving wishes. 💕

  • Thursday-Thankgiving! On this particular Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my husband. For 27 years ago today, we eloped! Happy Anniversary, my Love. I wish everyone a day of peace, love, and gratitude for all that is good in their lives.

  • It's my anniversary too! 26 years today :) - Happy Anniversary! I look at my pictures from my wedding and you don't realize that day what it means to share your life, the ups and serious downs with another human. Grateful to be able to share my life with a wonderful husband.

  • Happy anniversary to you too !💗

  • Happy anniversary!!💞

  • Happy Anniversary greaterexp and CalfeeChick ♡ a day late :) Hope you're day was filled with Love and Laughter ♡

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