Anyone with ROOT CANALS?

My dentist gave me some research about the correlation between root canals and all kinds of diseases, including MS. He said extract it scrape away the dead bone. The bone will regrow after the dead bone is removed. He seemed pretty sure that getting the root canals out (and thus the toxic infection) would improve my overall health condition.

I got that root canal exactly 4 years before I lost my vision.

I also just found out yesterday that Copaxone causes tooth decay. I am still convinced it is the safest DMT so I won't switch anyway. It did make me feel less guilty somehow though to know that the tooth problems come from the medicine and are not somehow my fault.

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  • Tracy, thank you for the new insight of going to the dentist. I have to go on my own because I am such a big baby. My dentist won't give me root canals, he has pulled my teeth both times which I am grateful for. I have never asked why, maybe I should have done. Did your sight come back Tracy? Enjoy the rest of your day, Jimeka

  • Hi Tracy, I just stArted reading about the connection between copaxone and dental problems today. Hard choice to make but glad you are doing well on the med. I haven't had any treatments yet and will find out what they will be next month. It's good to learn from everyone here. Thank you. Lynn

  • Yes slowly over about 2 months. By mid January 2000 my sight had returned enough to help a former boss (a CPA) as office manager from mid January through April 15. Or until I got a job with a law firm. On April 15 I dropped an important original behind the copier and when I bent down to get it I had a jolt of intense pain in my right boob to the point I could just barely not pass out. So vision came back but so did new problems 😔😕☹️

  • Hello TracyShort I am MSFighter responding to your post about root canals. I haven't had a root canal in probably 25 years or more. But when I was in my twenties I had, I believe, two. That was all but back in the dark ages of Dentistry and boy they weren't pleasant to have at all. My parents, God Rest their souls, were not the most hygienicly clean people. They grew up during the Depression and they just never were taught or used proper hygiene. So hence when when I was young I didn't have the best hygiene. Nobody ever talk to me. Today i have a mouth full of fillings because I didn't take very good care of my teeth when I was young. I even have approximately six to seven caps in my mouth. At least three of these were caused when I was struck in the face by a young baby horse.

    I believe your post is very accurate. Your mouth is the Gateway of your health. My dentist told me this over and over again. An infection in your mouth can lead to serious health issues. And of course when you have to have a root canal you're digging out infected or rotten cavities at the base of your molars usually.

    Tracy your post was very insightful. I don't believe I've spoken to you before in our chat room. Therefore I would like to formally welcome you to be an active member of this MSAA chat room. We would love you to post and reply often and be a part of this large extended family. I want you to remember that together we are stronger.

  • Thanks for the welcome. I have tried other websites but this is by far the most friendly and active. I feel less lonely if I can share what my experiences have been with others (and hopefully a different insight). It does make me feel useful when I think I have a helpful comment or just offering support to someone else who is needing a "hug"! Which I love because it means I get it; hang in there; but you're right that sucks ! The like is sometimes annoyingly impersonal but a hug speaks loud and clear. It's all that there is to do when nothing good can be found to say.

  • That's why I like this website as much as I do. We've had many discussions on this site about loved ones/caregivers who try to understand what we go through but sometimes just don't get it. Sometimes you just need to communicate with those who really walk in your shoes not to feel alone.

  • Does no one ever sleep in America. I have just got up and have grabbed my iPad quickly before my grandson disappears with it for a hour before school. I am so pleased that you got your sight back but sorry about the other problems. Here in the uk when you reach 60 they send you for bowel cancer testing, breast cancer, etc,etc, I have to go quite regular for the breast cancer as both my sisters and my grandma had it but it's enough having ms, I don't want to be prodded and poked all the time, my doctors say 'well you do have ms' so I have ended up saying' well let me get on with it then' I do not want to become a lab rat, and sometimes that is how I feel. As you both say this is an excellent site where we can share talents, emotions and just have a good laugh. Hey, get some sleep, apparently it's good for you. 😴🌈🌎💐 for you both Jimeka

  • UK waits a bit longer to do the poking and prodding. Because we are fee for service here in the US, most of that starts much earlier, 50 yrs or less. Doesn't mean we do it better necessarily...the motivations just st may be different. Very controversial.

    I have trigeminal neuralgia and during a flareup I can't even swallow my own spit let alone brush my teeth so I have had limited dental work since the late 1990s. However I have had more than my share prior to that.

    I join the others in welcoming you TracyShort!

  • I've tried to explain to my PCP that I have grown weary of being a "professional patient!" I don't think he really gets it. But since leaving the workforce 3 years ago, my old joke that my healthcare was my 2nd job has become reality, only now it's my only "job." Every 30 days, I field calls from insurance company for refills of my DMT & Ampyra. Over the past 2 years I have had: 3 MRIs, bone density scan, endoscopy, colonoscopy, mammogram, 6 trips to the Cleveland Clinic, plus 4 visits to my local neurologist. I'm not including multiple visits from home healthcare nurses to give me infusions of Solumedrol.

    This is the first I've ever heard about a connection between Copaxone and dental issues. There is a whole alternative thread of people who have long made a case that amalgam fillings contribute to or even cause MS, and some very old research (largely debunked) tying dietary habits to crooked teeth and amalgam/mercury exposure to the development of MS, ALS, & others. A study by the NIH largely exonerated the safe use of amalgam & concluded that there was no causality between amalgam fillings and MS. Short of a revolutionary discovery otherwise, I don't have the skills to determine whether fillings caused my MS. I have chosen to go along with the general thinking that there's no causal link between amalgam and MS.

  • The link I speak of is root canals. I too had a root canal in 1994. (Dark ages for sure) and exactly 4 years later I got optic neuritis. The title of the Article my dentist gave me was "97% of terminal Cancer patients had had a root canal." The article goes on to say that the toxins produced by leaving the infectied bone in your body can cause all kinds of diseases years later. Including auto immune and MS. The mercury in amalgam fillings has been known as toxic for many years. The ADA also says root canals are safe. (Remember the ADA has a vested interest since they might have to be forced to remove any existing silver fillings and their membership includes endodontists that do only root canals.)

    I haven't allowed an amalgam filling in my mouth since the early 1990s. The poster at my dentist's office might change your opinion on the safety of mercury amalgam fillings. The number of body systems affected by leaching into your bloodstream is much much worse than you would find acceptable. Metal fillings don't cause MS, but they do wreak havoc on your entire body at every possible level.

  • Hi, @Lissacpa! That is why G-d made retirement,. so you could run to all your doctors, pharmacies, tests, imaging, etc. And I thought I'd be swinging in a hammock in the mountains getting through my reading list! NOT

  • hi Tracy! I have often wondered if there was some correlation between MS medication and problems with teeth.

  • Tooth caries are listed as a frequent gastrointestinal side effect in the Copaxone information paper, I had never seen it until 2 days ago.

  • This could explain a lot of my problems. I was on copaxone years ago, but it's nice to know this information on possible side effects. Thank you Tracy!

  • Okay, I forgot to mention that I have had 2 root canals, BUT they were both done more than 10 years after my Dx for MS. Further, all of my amalgams were replaced & I have none of them. I'm just trying to point out that while our bodies are incredibly complex, and there likely are many factors working against us, I simply don't believe that amalgams alone "cause" MS. There's too much else going on to ascribe it to one thing. For example, even among identical twins, if one gets MS, the other has an increased risk that's high, but still only about 30%. Genes are very much at work: my mother had MS, and two of my sisters do, too. But not my other sister or my two brothers. As I said, it's COMPLICATED. Moreover, I have been told by an MS expert that my family situation is pretty rare. But obviously, it happens.

  • It sounds like MS runs in your family, which makes knowing why you got MS even more complex. Other people have never even known anyone with it (like me). My older brother raised in same household and none of my other relatives have had any symptoms.

    I find it curious that you say you believe the NIH when they say root canals are safe. But you disagree with the assertion by the NIH that metal fillings are safe and recommend having them removed.

  • I don't understand your reply: "NIH ...metal fillings are safe ...having them removed." Resin fillings look better, & just to err on the side of caution, mine have been replaced. I'm not a dentist, & I'm assuming you aren't either. What's the alternative to a root canal? Yanking the whole tooth? I have a lot of confidence in my dentist and trust his judgment.

  • The NIH claims metal fillings are safe yet you have yours removed to err on the side of caution. Wouldn't it follow that the claims of the NIH about root canals might also be suspect? I am just saying don't trust them about everything else if you don't trust them about metal fillings. Extracting the dead tooth and removing the decaying bone below is the only way to completely remove the toxin producing infection. Then new bone can grow. It can't regrow with dead bone up against it. I am glad you trust your dentist, I was just passing along the information my dentist gave me. He doesn't do extractions and is probably losing $ by not referring people to endodontists for root canals. He is just very concerned about the patients overall well being and I thought it would be helpful to my team.

    I am sorry that you don't find it helpful but there is no need to ridicule the idea repeatedly and bet money it was nonsensical. I would never react to someone's post as if it couldn't possibly have merit or be based on science just because I had never heard of it.

  • One last thing I'd like to point out. A poster says 90 something per cent of cancer patients had had root canals? To suggest that some people died of cancer AND they had root canals and that therefore, one caused the other is nonsensical. What type of cancers? "Cancer" is not one disease, but varies wildly, depending on where it is. It's almost like saying, "75% of people who died from cancer were over the age of 50; ergo, once you reach 50 years, your risk of cancer is huge and ominous." How many of this vague group referenced on the poster had been anemic? Been exposed to Agent Orange? Had been abused as children? We know mercury is a dangerous neurotoxin. But don't let scare tactics convince you that someone ELSE has the answers. There may very well be other motivations behind his/her opinions. Finally, dentists are trained in very specific, limited parts of the human body. Get the amalgam out. But I would bet money that plenty of MS people have NEVER had amalgams OR root canals.

  • I have posted a link to the research article on root canals on my feed. Perhaps after reading the research you will no longer consider the facts nonsensical. I would refrain from judging based on your opinion and it is unwise to wager when you don't have factual evidence, just your opinion to bet on.

  • Again, to suggest that root canals cause cancer is illogical. Your "research" does not offer a legitimate link. Maybe it's out there somewhere, but this is not it.

  • I asked you to drop the thread and stop posting to me about it. You have been thinking about this for a month? It seems that I really got to you, why is that? There are Plenty of other articles on the internet about the link between root canals and autoimmune diseases. The article I posted is not the only source for that information. I don't know Why You are so hung up on this, and feel the need to prove me wrong 1 Month Later? The information is widely known in the dental community that an infected, Old root canal is linked to autoimmune diseases. Last time I said don't message me again about this. If you don't like me then don't read or reply to my posts. Have a Merry Christmas. The End.

  • I'm LMAO! "Thinking about this for a month," would be funny, if it weren't so sad. I've been SO worked up about it that I missed it when you said "don't message me!" Message received. Buh-bye. 🙄

  • I just know metal fillings are dangerous but the ADA continues to claim that they are safe. Therefore, I don't believe that the "opinion " of the ADA is conclusive or even trustworthy. The NIH continues to keep mj scheduled with heroin and LSD. They claim it has less medical value than meth or crack. At the same time the NIH owns the patent on mj as a treatment for Neuro degenerative diseases. Why would they patent it if it had no medicinal value ?

    Maybe we shouldn't believe everything that the NIH says since it's opinions don't include evidence that contradicts their findings, even if they have concluded otherwise behind closed doors.

  • I can post the article on root canals and then maybe you can make an informed decision about your wager. It seems unwise to wager without all the facts. Leaving the dead bone in your body has systemic effects and that seems obvious. The poster backed up your opinion that metal fillings should be removed so I don't know why you feel so contradictory. I don't think that root canals cause MS, but the effects of the dead bone compromise the immune system just as many other factors do. There is no need to make bets on these issues. People need all the facts before making decisions about what they are sure about. I am sorry you feel to the contrary. Also maybe you should read posts more closely before calling something "NonSensical". Do you have a medical background that puts your opinion above scientific research you have never seen?

  • The side effect is listed on the Copaxone prescription information sheet under Gastrointestinal Side Effects. The manufacturer admits on the label that tooth caries are a frequent gastrointestinal side effect. So no I am not making that up, just because you have never seen it. I have taken it since 2001 and just found out, so it is not something that you would know just because you are taking it.

    I wasn't using "Scare tactics ", just passing along information that others may find helpful in making decisions about what they want in their body. If something in your body is at the very least complicating your MS, you should consider having it removed.

    You can disagree without calling something nonsensical. Some swear by acupuncture, but the science behind it is pretty out there. But I would never belittle someone for anything that they thought helped their MS.

  • I have always had bad gum disease so I floss regularly and get regular scalings. I also started having bone loss before I was diagnosed with MS, but it seems to have sped up and is now showing up in different places. However, I was not advised to have everything done over again. However, I did not have an infection as you do. I had gum pockets which were alleviated with the regular flossing and scaling. I think I'd get a 2nd opinion if I were you before I went to all that expense and pain.

  • Okay Tracy. Only YOU have all the "facts." I like to stick with the scientific method, instead of rogue opinions. You probably think Mercola is a caring, benevolent guy, too. Except he's laughing all the way to the bank. Are YOU a credentialed medical pro? My replies were not intended to insult anyone, but you seem to have done so. I was attempting to use logic before accepting a "poster" that suggested fillings cause cancer. I stand by my posts.

  • How would this guy make money? Do you think he is pulling everyone's teeth? The article was backed up with scientific evidence which was cited and can be checked. The scientific studies are not MY facts, they are THE facts. I am so confused as to why you couldn't just leave it at I disagree with the facts. You have the right to your opinion but why is this such a point for you? Are you married to an endodontist?

    I shared an article. You disagree with the article and would bet money on it. I thought we were supposed to share information we think others might find helpful. We also share our opinions. However I don't get your insistence that the whole post is nonsensical based solely on your opinion. Just because you never heard of something doesn't make it impossible. Before attacking a post you don't agree with remember that there could always be factors you aren't aware of. Please leave it at we disagree on the facts and don't post anymore replies, I am tired of responding to them. The End. OK?

  • Here you go: see the link. The fact is that Mercola preys upon people for whom medical science offers far too little. He's a snake oil salesman.

  • This is really an eye-opener for me! Since 1989 I have had something like 13 or 14 root canals. Many wound up having to be pulled because of my teeth shifting and the roots cracking and breaking off. As a matter of fact I'm going to my periodontist today because my bridge that was put in just last December onto two titanium posts has been hurting. It turns out the gums underneath the bridge are somewhat inflamed and infected, I've been on anabiotic's for two days already he will have to completely remove the bridge clean the bridge, clean the gums reinstall the bridge and send me home. It's been difficult to keep the under part of the bridge clean with floss and brushing. The idea that this is somehow related to my MS is enlightening and scary at the same time .

  • I have never had a root canal. Maybe I am an exception.

  • There are many factors that increase your odds of autoimmune diseases. Root canals don't cause MS. But they could be a factor since you have a silent infection that your body has to fight against. I am not saying that removing the dead bone and infection would cure MS. But it makes sense that anyone's overall health would be improved, whether they have MS or not by ridding the body of toxins produced by the silent infection and dead bone. New bone can't grow until the dead bone is removed. My dentist doesn't do extractions so he has no monetary reason to tell me he doesn't believe in root canals. He is missing out on referral fees for not sending his patients to endodontists. His assistant, who I have known for 10 years saw how freaked I was and said "I know it's a hard decision but look (she opened her mouth and showed me an empty spot in her mouth) I have learned so much working here that I had my root canal taken out, even though it wasn't infected." She said "I can't even have an implant put in for 3 months because of previously breaking my jaw, but I still am glad I had it removed." I was convinced that I should do it too since she had hers out because she didn't want it to make her sick. She said her mom has arthritis and she convinced her to take out her root canal and now her mom doesn't need a wheelchair anymore. (No, I am not saying it would cure arthritis.)

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