Hello I am MSFIGHTER. I am new here and I am glad to become part of this rapidly expanding community centered around fighting our common enemy, MS. I am heading toward my 20th year of fighting this monster we call MS. Earlier this year I passed the dreaded milestone of having my MS diagnosis moved up from RRMS to SPMS. The decline of my balance is the biggest, most dangerous issue I am having with my MS. My MRI'S indicate my Cerebellum has undergone a 20 to 25% decline in volume. I have fallen so often and so hard i need my right shoulder replaced and have had more than my share of concussions, the last one being a month ago. I also blame severe eshogeal spasms, fatigue, a decline in mental capacity, and boughts of incontinence on my MS.

Throughout it all I realize I am blessed to have MS, as I watch my 3 sons, my daughter, and 2 grandchildren grow and prosper. I can plan a future that I realize might not be the future I had imagined when I was younger, but a future none the less. My future will be as full as this stubborn to the bone heart of mine will allow as I continue to pray the next new therapy will be the one that cures my MS. I firmly believe what brought me to this site that together we are stronger, that we must never give up, and that we are all, every single person affected by MS, in this fight together!

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  • Way to go ms fighter, I am with you all the way, together we are stronger. Welcome, hopefully they can restore your shoulder and at least then it may help to lead a better life for you. Nice to meet you, Cheers Jimeka

  • Great outlook on life and your future, MSFIGHTER. Like you, I've recently been 'upgraded' to SPMS after over 20yrs as RRMS. And like you, I'm determined to do what I can to keep a positive outlook. Reading about your falls made me wince. I'm so sorry! But we're happy you're here. Welcome!

  • Welcome! This site is awesome. I haven't been here long but I have found it to be wonderful. I love your outlook! I am new to the whole MS issue and still adjusting to things. The neurologist I was seeing didn't confirm that I have MS but used the diagnostic code for MS when he billed my insurance. Currently awaiting a referral appointment with another neurologist. My primary care has been the only one that has treated me, thus far. She believes that I have MS given my symptoms and my MRIs. She has referred me to another neurologist solely to get someone more well versed in the dmds to manage that aspect of things.

  • Welcome to our chat MSFighter we're glad you found us. We can never have to many fighting this monster. I have only just been dx'ed since Mar of last yr and have so much to learn. Which alot lm finding out here. I'm so sorry about your falls. I know about falls, they are never a good thing lol. I hope the concussion wasn't that severe. Welcome again :) as you can see we talk about pretty much anything and everything here. :)

  • It is rather hard to believe you have any change in brain function when you are so very articulate!

    We are so happy you are here with us, certainly not because of your struggles, but because your positive attitude will be such a blessing to everyone here.

    I strongly suspect you are a treasure.

    God bless you!

  • We should take Hillary s slogan from he ' Together We Are Stronger'.

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