Aubagio and blood Platelets

Just got my blood work back from first month on Aubagio. As expected, my liver enzymes numbers are up and WBC are down, but since not out of "normal" zone no one worried. But what worries me my Platelets dropped 115 points in one month! No one is concerned about that me. Not the doctors, not the Aubagio nurse. "As long as it is within the accepted levels, don't worry about it!" Well, if I lost 40 lbs in one month but still within acceptable weight range wouldn't they worry about it? And if I lost another 115 points the next month on Aubagio, I will be in the danger zone, but no one is worried about that but me. Typical from what I have read. Only after you are on your death bed do they wake up and worry!! Can't tell me that isn't a warning sign that something is not right with my body!! Anyone else have this reaction to Aubagio??

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  • Morning Agape, I would have thought that now that your wbc has dropped you are more susceptible to infections. Have you asked your doctor? If you don't feel happy about it, find someone who will listen to your concerns. Let us know how you go, Jimeka

  • jimeka yes to the infections. Have a bad flare up of my bronchitis I am now coping with so taking my nenulizer treatments. Low platelets also lower resistance to infections I read. I am now on my 4th neurologist so am trying to find someone who cares. Live in s small rural town and my primary is only one covered by insurance. Just so tired of all this hassle. MS had so complicated my life!! Supposed to dwell on the positive but we must deal with the negative and work with negative doctors and still stay positive? Only by grace of God!!

  • 30 years of the MonSter in tow and still walking,,, Sticking with my little sub-Q shot 3 dayz a week of Copaxone seems much better... 7 years & counting, great patient support, great financial assistance... Was on Betaseron first for 8+ years till is ate the tissue under my skin requiring surgery (yikes!),,, GOOD LUCK is finding the perfect treatment for you!!! Don't be afraid to consider other meds--my co-pays are $0...

  • I too had liver enzyme changes and wbc dropped on blood work. Began to have strange rashes and skin eruptions which wouldn't heal. I requested to stop Aubagio and my neurologist respected this request. I took chlorestryamine for 11 days to remove it from my liver. Hope you find a Dr who respects you and makes changes. God bless you.

  • i take aubagio and i dont have that problem i did notice the last blood test i took my potasium level was low and my sodium was low as well

  • I had no problem with liver or blood but my neurolgist said no to flu vaccine. Had terrible diarrhea stopped Aubagio. No current DMT as I have PPMS.

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