Aubagio death

I am so very relieved to be done with Aubagio! A friend from church who also failed using Aubagio sent me info about a woman who died from a fatal skin disease caused by Aubagio usage. This unfortunate woman contracted a necrotic disease of her mucous membranes in the first month of usage. All other possible causes were ruled out. I am done with DMTs. Just going to beef up my system and live the best life I can live. Blessings to all MS victims.

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  • Good luck on your decision

  • @Vlbrown57, I too have heard about this case and have been trying with almost no success to find out more about it.

  • geeze now im a lil worried i have a ingrown hair or a sore in my nose recently and if thats the case i should go see a doctor considering i take aubagio ugh

  • The sores I got were inside my nose and mouth. Horrible pain. My feet and toes had blisters and feet and hands began tingling and burning. Numbness in my feet caused me to fall and stumble. My hands began to feel like they didn't belong to me. It's seriously a reaction to the drug.

  • i hope the thing in my nose is not a necroinfection of some sort

  • all i can find is that during the trials for aubagio there was a suicide from placebo

  • The death was documented in a new patient who developed death of her mucous membranes like nouth intestinal tract lungs etc. I lost the link but will try to find it.

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