multiple sclerosis

About 8 years ago I was diagnosed with parkinson's... have been taking sinemet since that time... this med has been wearing off steadily ever since... I have a great # of markers that show me to be with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) ...

extreme fatigue, legs constantly ache, constant hot flashes, a heaviness (esp. in pm), very weadk, clumsines, stiff leg muscles,upper body stiffness, muscle spasms in feet & legs, often legs refuse to carry me, have to sit down & rest... just to name a few. I have no shuffle of gait, take well defined heel to toe steps... heel to toe,now, i a bit difficult as my legs are so weak. Am trying to find a doctor who is willing to see what s really going on..., - Debbie H.

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  • Sorry about the Parkinson's. It's bad enough with the ms. You show seem to have a lot of the symptoms of ms. I have RLS so I have been on a Parkinson's med for 5 years, Pramipexole, so far, apart from augmentation a couple of times, it has worked. Sounds as though you need to have a good sit down chat with a doctor who will listen to you. Hopefully they will find a cure soon, at least something that will stop the ms from getting worse.. In the meantime, all of us ms sufferers have to grin and bare it. Let us know how you get on, cheers Jimeka

  • Hi imtigger_ca if you can ck out the university hospitals for a neurologist that specializes in MS they usally have a lot of the upto date treatments.

  • Definitely agree to try to see a doc associated with a university hospital or clinic. They are the most up to date on treatments and technology. I see a doctor with the UCSF MS Clinic. Lynn

  • I agree with Jimeka, having first being dx with lupus, I had issues such as you. I was dx with Parkinson also and put on sinemet. I found an MS specialist at a friends urging for consultation. He did MRI's and lo and behold I did have MS not Parkinson's. I'm not saying that is the same with you, but having a second opinion is always a good thing one way or another. I also like Jimeka have been on pramipexole for many years for restless leg syndrome. I wish you well, and hope you get the answers you are looking for. Darlene

  • They initially thought I had Parkinson's, but ruled it out along with ALS in 2008 when I was beginning to have temors and muscle control issues. I wasn't dx with MS until 2013 after I lose contol of my legs for almost a week. It can be frustrating and even now I'm looking for a new neurologist

  • I have MS. Diagnosed by a neurologist that specializes in MS. My brother has Parkinson's. We get together about two times a month and bitch about our symptoms. Tha wives don't want to hear. The surprising thing is we both have a lot of similar issues. I suggest a comprehensive MS clinic for a diagnosis. Call the Naional MS society and they will send you a list of clinics in your general area.

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