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Bragging goeth before humiliation


There I was, shamelessly shouting to the universe this morning, Look at me! Look at me?I roamed my garden before breakfast, browsing on small handfuls of figs, raspberries, and one sweet yellow pear tomato. Following that, I walked down the hill to the mailbox twice, the foot drop mysteriously absent, walking heel to toe as I should, keeping my legs close together (not wide as usual to stabilize me), taking long strides as if I were a lass of 50 years or so, my head up, listening to the cardinals, admiring the goldenrod ablaze with life, and shamelessly I bragged. Since then, I've had to change underwear three times. My brain has decided not to notify the management when a bathroom visit might be wise.

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I am sorry for the changes, but sure appreciate your sense of humor about it. I've noticed that "pride goeth before a fall" for me, too! Just when I think I'm on top of things, something new pops up and reminds me that I'm a mere mortal.

goatgal in reply to greaterexp

Ah, but it was grand while it lasted!

greaterexpCommunityAmbassador in reply to goatgal

Just this afternoon I thought my vertigo had stopped, but I suddenly found myself on my rear. My darling nephew picked me up, so I only felt a little silly.

Oh goatgal i am so sorry. At first I thought that you were going to say that you had fallen again and done something to your leg. Have you been pulling or lifting something heavy and maybe strained your bladder? Get the heat packs out and sit and relax a while don’t think the worst too soon. As greaterexp says, your sense of humour shines through. Blessings and hugs Jimeka 🤗



Ah, the grand moments, if only brief, allows one the enjoy our surroundings! Happy that you enjoyed yourself by walking without a care in the world! Not happy that your bladder neglected to do the same, or did it? :-D

that is wonderful ...see you can if you just try and it works ...sorry about after wards but it was a great start try again tomorrow or the next day and see if you can again and it ...go and happiness ....big hug...

I hate when that happens (just happened) Ugh!

so sorry that happened to you.

Oh, those grand moments are too fleeting! Something always seems to bloom fully that is not needed or wanted after we experience a perfect moment! Thank goodness for washing machines!


Something always finds it way to mess a good thing up

Ha ha. Been there, done that sort of thing - and all too often. Only my bladder decides to have it's hissy fit when I'm down the bottom of the hill checking the mailbox and doesn't give me enough time to get back up the hill to the toilet. These days I go to the loo before going to check the mailbox - although in the interests of not encouraging my overactive bladder too much, I now tend to go to the loo and then think "Oh I think I'll go and check the mailbox now - while it's safe to do so" :) . It's the order in which one does things that's so important, you see.

(Did I mention that it's only about 50 yards from my door to the mailbox :( :( :( )

goatgal in reply to Frances_B

I tend to view these episodes as the effort of the universe to keep me humble. I might easily become insufferable if I weren't constantly reminded (nudge, nudge) of my imperfections.

Frances_B in reply to goatgal

Thanks to having been thoroughly bashed up by the universe in my life I know that in reality I am actually quite humble and very well aware of my imperfections, but I know of at least one person who thinks I'm insufferable and who bleats away loudly in a self-righteous and hard-done-by manner when they are nudged or questioned. I usually do my best to ignore it as it's just noise being generated by someone who seems to think they don't have any imperfections to be humble about and I'm certainly not planning on joining their flock of sheeple any time soon.

There is one thing I do know and that is that the answer to the question "What is the answer to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything" is without any doubt 42 :) :) :) (Thank you Douglas Adams)

goatgal in reply to Frances_B

42, indeed. I have my towel ready.

Oh but how wonderful for those moments 🌈

Indeed!I felt so fine that I just had to share it with someone. I knew it wouldn't last, wasn't a miracle cure, but I savored it.


Don't let any bad things take away from the good! You just deal with the bad, the best you can. But don't make the good any less than great!

goatgal in reply to MarkUpnorth

Don't you worry: I keep all these lovely moments and dulcet days in my treasure box, so on the dark days, I can pull them out and savor them all over again. I always focus on the positive. I posted this, not to gripe (though I occasionally do that) but primarily to share the laughter that bubbles up in me when I experience a pratfall. I am always the first one to laugh at my own folly.

My worse times for the bathroom are in the middle of the night. Sometimes it's so hard to get around the bed into the adjoining bathroom before it hits. Many times I am quietly changing my underpants in the middle of the night. I sure with clenching worked for me!

In good company. Happens more often than I can put a face to it.

Feel same way enjoy gifts of God

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