I was diagnosed in 2005 with RRMS and have been on multiple medications since now im on aubagio and it seems to work great . i have a loving wife that supports me in all my endeavors and knows of my condition and has been woth me for 8 yrs plus i am grateful to have found someone that is understanding and loving it helps alot especially with this disease .. I have recently been trying natural herbal remedies for pain because the pain meds are so harmful it seems to help alot and i have been doing more research into the study of natural remedies if anyone is curious let me know ill be glad to answer back

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  • Welcome Cloudbear. It is so great to have a supportive family. I have recently started seeing a Nutritionalist. I am taking natural supplements and made changes to my diet. Every little thing helps.

  • Welcome cloudbear to a group no one wants to be part of. Natural remedies are great if you stick to it lol. I never could remember lol. I pretty much listen to my body and what it needs tho. As in fruit, meat,veggies and so on. I feel it's so important to do at least that much for yourself, to keep you healthy.

  • Hi, cloudbear! So happy to hear you have such a great supporter in your wife! It's so important. I'm interested in hearing about the natural/herbal remedies you've tried for pain. I know ginger is supposed to be good.

  • Yes, please share what natural remedies you have had success with. Always looking for answers. Thanks!

  • Welcome cloudbear,so glad U have a great support group.. All my best for U and always do what is best. Good luck with the natural resources.I do take alot of medicine myself but I feel good so I haven't made any changes but one since 2007.. 😆

  • Welcome Cloud bear. You are lucky to have a good support network. It really helps with this disease.

  • Hello Cloudbear nice to meet you. I am very interested in natural remedies. I was diagnosed in 2008. I have tried what the doctors have given me and it has only gone down hill. A couple of years ago I decided that if the doctors couldn't do any better, I would try myself. I have had some luck getting rid of pain meds. I would really like to compare notes with you.

  • ya norm i use CBD and drink high akaline water also i have seen really good results with cannabis edibles that have high CBD

  • I tried some CBD oil from the local shop but it did not do very well. A year ago I grew some Indica with low THC and simmered it for 3 days in coconut oil. It worked better but I still got a buzz so I can only use it at bed time. My brain is already having problems at work. For pain I have been using Turmeric in different foods and drinks. about a teaspoon a day it seems to help. I will give alkaline water a try.

  • I had read online about an herbal supplement called Kratom. You can get it in capsules, which I feel is too pricy. Or you can get the loose powder. That's what I use, & mix it with chocolate pudding. It's the best at masking the taste, compared to applesauce or other puddings or fruit cups. Some heath food store carry if, I just use online as if I have any questions I can call them. It truly has helped with the pain so I'm able to function & get through the day. There is no "high" associated with it, which I also like. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • the fda is banning kratom so good luck and stock up

  • They have not yet banned it. Congressional hearing must take place before the FDA can legally ban it. Taken as directed, it's a safe supplement to use. Go to to find out who to contact in Congress to let your voice be heard to not ban it. Everything is being taken away from those of us in chronic pain. Myself, between the MS, diabetic neuropathy, multiple spinal vertebral fractures , as well as other fractures & spinal stenosis, wishing, praying & hoping has done little good. You need to advocate for yourself, and for others who aren't able to.

    Those of us who follow the rules, go through proper channels and physicians are still being cast aside due to unscrupulous docs who write Rx for money as well as "patients" who cheat the system for their own personal & financial gain which puts us in limbo.

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