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I was diagnosed with MS in 2014. I had symptoms since 2010 when my feet went numb, i was getting fatigued easily, and headaches with the fatigue. My original sent me to a neurologist for testing to see why i had numbness. When I went back to see this doctor she said everything was fine and no need for any follow ups.

I ended up with a few herniated discs a year later which made me unable to work, and was send to a neurologist for pain treatment and to keep an eye on the injury since now a nerve in my back is pinched.

Almost 3 years later I got more symptoms and was sent for an MRI, lumbar puncture (which had to be done twice), and tons of blood work. Once i was diagnosed i started treatment and it has been a roller coaster.

Just recently I had to change neurologists and ended up with the same one that did testing in 2010. Turned out that he wanted me to see for more testing. So i could have had MS since 2010 and had no Idea. So he wanted to do MRIs and put me on Gilenya. Then he told me that I have a few more legions on my brain and new ones on my Spinal cord.

I was thinking about having 1 more child, and was wondering if anyone had a baby after findingout they had MS?

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  • Hello! My MS nurse informed me that women with MS can have healthy pregnancies. In fact sometimes the symptoms ease off during pregnancy. Ask your neurologist and gynecologist about this.

  • What I've read is that pregnancies will actually cause you less MS problems but afterwards sometimes it comes back with a vengeance. Check with your neurologist. Good luck

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