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Living my life with multiple autoimmune diseases!

Living my life with multiple autoimmune diseases!

I'm new to posting on forums but this sounded interesting so I'm giving it a shot. I hate all of the negativity that is posted on sites. I'm not talking about your everyday old griping or I'm having one of those days weeks years stuff but telling people their thoughts ideas etc are wrong or just being downright mean and filled with hate are not things I like to read or post. I will post things when I am down or frustrated but I try not to accuse or blame anyone for those feelings. I also try to see the positive in those bad days. I may not see it right away but when I do I make sure people are aware of my "new" insight. I suppose I sound rather cold hearted and pompous but I'm not. I just don't find it helpful for someone to continue to moan, groan and complain when they aren't making any effort to get help or change. I also don't like it when people are judged for their beliefs and ideas. We are all individuals who see and feel things in many different ways. I will be grumpy and crabby but when I am I hope I don't take it out on the wrong people. I will post I'm down and out but I sure hope I can find it in my heart to put a small positive in my post. I have been very blessed in my life in more ways than I can count. And I thank God for always standing beside me and picking up the pieces when I crumble. I have so much love for my family, friends, boyfriend and my healthcare team. Gratitude is my word for this year. I need to be grateful for what I have and for even for what I lost as a result of my illnesses.

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Having gratitude for any little good thing in your life is vital ..... this disease is a b%#}* and keeping what is good outside of this disease is so important...... And no I am not little PollyAnna .... I have my crap times also .....


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