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Hello guys. Richie here. A self health advocate. Did the Techfidera & Tysabri but it was useless. Decided to be my own health advocate & feeling the best since my diagnose. February 2nd was my last infussion. Went from walking 3 blocks to 7.9 miles. Does any one know if there is a number I can call to see if I can get one orthopedic soles for all my sneakers during my walking? My insurance is willing to pay 10 office visits & $5,000 a year out patient treatment but not the $450 soles to avoid the over $7,000 charges.

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#CalfeeChick Hi, new to site was just diagnosed a month ago. Age 68, was very active prior to diagnosis. What is HSCT? Just reading through all these pages for camaraderie and information. Lynn

About your inserts, check yellow pages for medical supply and we have a place called "foot Solutions" that will fit you with insert for medical or sports related shoe inserts.


HSCT = Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

I had to travel to Mexico to have it done. The USA is a bit behind & it won't be approved till 2022. Look up Dr. Richard Burk in Nortwestern hospital in Chicago Illinios. I too was very active before diagnose. Motorcycles, boat, cars businesses. When I left for treatment I was only able to walk for 3 blocks. Now 116 days after treatment I am up to 8 miles. Definitely look into it. Quality of life is priceless. No DMD will give you that. I tried! Do you Facebook? If so, I have a progress page under Richie's MS Journey

Like it to get updates.

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Sorry, it's Burt. Dr. Richard Burt.

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