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Almost one year since fusion C3-T1

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My surgery was last May. After several weeks of healing that I don’t recall, I was finally able to take the dog for a walk around our two-acre property. At least until it snowed. Since then, I‘ve been basically home bound.

Let me back up a bit. In December 2010, I was physically placed in an unfortunate position for someone with a C5-C6 fusion. The result was severe cervical myelopathy at C6. I fought back from crawling to a walker to a scooter, and about 7 years later, to independent walking.

My biggest concern right now is how to deal with the 18-24” “blind spot” around my limited vision area.

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Hi Bluebird57 , I feel for you I to have cervical myelopathy and have had two operations c3c4c5 and I'm no better as you know that there is no cure for cervical myelopathy only to try and live with it the best you can . Clive x 🤗

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Hi there

I'm not entirely sure what you mean - is it your range of motion affected, or an actual blind spot in your vision?

Are you still under the care of neurosurgeon or neurosurgical centre? If not I would ask for a referral back to them for a neuro ophthalmological opinion,

Best wishes

Shirley (Mod)

It’s my range of motion (I can’t look up or down) that causes me to have an area around my body that is too close to see, effectively blind.

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