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Never heard of Myeloma until my mother got diagnosed!

My mother had been having back pain of weeks, months. Kept going to the doctors. I think they were putting it down to her age. She is only 70!!! They were treating her from groin problems and said she had constipation and gave her powders. It too my dad to then get a private consultation. The first doctor to examine her and advised my dad to take her to the hospital where she was admitted. Released until a bed became available. She was admitted, tests carried out and then sent to another specialist hospital where she was deemed to have had a broken vertebrae which was caused by the Myeloma. She has multiple myeloma. Total shock to us all as a family and we have been coping as best we can. Mum had the surgery and then to another hospital for rehabilitation/physio. Dad looked after as best he could. She got radiotherapy and chemo. She had to go back into hospital because of the pain. She had to get blood transfusions - her blood count low. She has diabetes as well. She is on a bone acid infusion to rebuild the bone. She can't walk. Her legs give way and now she has an infection in her bones. Sorry for the ramble, but I have depression and It is terrible to see my mother In this state. I am thankful to the medical profession who are looking after her, but until she gets rid of this back pain and back up on her feet, there isn't much they can do but cure the infection. As part of her chemo treatment, she is on Thalidomide but took her off that to balance the bloods. I can't get my head round this.. you hear so much about cancer but it really don't truly get it until a family member gets it. Mum is a fighter and praying that the days get better. It's tough! Truly is

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I am truly sorry your mother is having such a painful horrible time MM is such a complex cancer and the bone problems and being unable to stand up and walk is mental and physical torture.The spine does heal and she will. Walk again in time.See GP and perhaps he can adjust dose if you were .MM is a nasty cancer.Have you sought a,support and. Counsellingcentre for yourself such as a Maggie's Centre ? They can help you to cope with emotional and practical problems which MM brings ♥ Liz Moore 68 @diagnosis.73 last Tues 4years 3months living with myeloma.

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