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Did anyone seen this before?

I got this rush on and off for the last two years. Extremely itchy and hot. I seen dermatologists and I was told that may be a fix drug reaction but no one has seen it before, no allergy came up at the pat test. It lasts two weeks and goes only with antibiotics. prior the eruption(that is very sudden) I feel have flu symptoms.

Haw to add a picture? I will put it in my profile.

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Hi LiaDana,

Unfortunately, there are numerous skin conditions that can be associated with flu-like symptoms. Sometimes, you need several blood tests and biopsies before getting an accurate diagnosis.

If you go into the blog section, you will be able to upload your image. Just click on browse to access your files, and double click on the image you want to post.

Hope you get some answers soon.


Thank you Shell567 I had a biopsy and numerous blood tests and my dermatologist thinks that I have a Fix DruG reaction to cold and flue remedies. I m worry that may be more than that.


Looks like herpes to me. Have they taken a swab?

I get it on my skin and lips whenim run down. I also get it on the iside of my mouth


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