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Pre-pubescent son wants to start using deodorant, but he suffers severe eczema - advice please

My 10 year old son has suffered severe eczema and asthma all his life. He sometimes really lacks self-confidence and feels he should be using deodorant - I have told him I haven't noticed the need but that does not help. Can anyone suggest a suitable brand or alternative, please? Cheers!

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Hi Wrigglewraps,

Unfortunately, deodorants can aggravate eczema. The best deodorants/anti-perspirants for people with sensitive skin or eczema are those that are mild and fragrance-free. Also, roll-on deodorants are often better tolerated than sprays. Testing a deodorant before regular use is always a good idea.

For further information go to:


I should have mentioned that my hubby reacts badly to a lot of deodorants, but is fine with Nivea for Men Sensitive Protect roll-on. It's alcohol and fragrance free x


Its true that eczema genetics predispose to skin irritation from deodorants

BUT - its about trial and error - maybe use just once a week to one armpit only for a f ew weeks before using in the usual way ??

Or consider old fashioned talcum powder ??

Also check out and look up eczema


Thanks, drash481. Great idea to try one armpit once a week - will try that. Kind of you to help.


I suggest Native Unearthed Natural Crystal deodorant. It's perfect for eczema as it's completely natural, non irritating and most importantly effective. Also, after testing, the deodorant was allergy UK certified.


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