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My 10 year old son and his bad skin

I have a 10 yr old who has suffered all his life with eczema, it has got so bad that he ca not go to school... his arms are so sore he cant even drink as he cant move his arms, so much anti biotics and steriod cream over the yrs and non work... does anyone have any suggestions ? please help

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Hi mandy1674,

We're really sorry to hear about your boy - this must be a huge stress on him and yourself. Do you feel this may be something you would like to help us raise more awareness of? A lot of people assume eczema is something that you simply grow out of, but the truth is that it affects people of all ages and in some cases very severely too, so we always try and draw people's attention to this fact. If you'd like to help with out media work, have a look here: bit.ly/dGqClP

Or email me: bevis@britishskinfoundation.org.uk / 0207 391 6347

Thank you,

Bevis (Communications Manager)


Dear Mandy1674,

Thank you for sharing the discomfort that your 10 year old son is experiencing. It cannot be easy to watch your child go through this.

I believe that I have some suggestions that may be able to help your son.

I am a part of a health and wellness company and their integrity is founded on creating pure, safe and beneficial products. All products are botanically-based and are formulated without animal products or by-products, Parabens, harmful preservatives, Petroleum-based ingredients such as Benzene and Mineral Oil which can cause harm and/or irritation.

With your permission, I would like to offer my genuine support and send 3 specific skincare products to you – free of charge. This is not standard procedure, but I genuinely want to help. Please email me at dee4dee@yahoo.com (this is my personal email address).

Warm Wishes and I look forward to hearing from you.

Dee (Independent Consultant)


Dear Dee

V interested to read your comment to Mandy and also very much hope that you can help her son.

As this is your personal email address, I am wondering, as you are involved with an organisation dealing with specific skincare products, if I may have that email address.

As noted in another's comment, steroid creams have not helped my skin ,yet following consultations with 4 different skin specialists, steroid creams are invariably part of the script, plus antihistamines and topical gels. I have also tried organic T Tree gel and Aloe Vera with T Tree gel without success. Might there be a gel based on natural steroids?




Have you considered that steroid creams may be the cause of the problem rather than the cure?

Please check out itsan.org and see if you think the list of symptoms on the home page fits the description of your son.

Many people, including myself have quit steroid creams and found a cure for their bad skin.

I wish you well, his skin looks really sore. I have kids the same age, so can empathise completely. x

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Hello loopy-lou

If you read my comment to Dee's message to Mandy, you'll see how much I agree with you re steroid creams which I no longer use but I've missed out on the "finding a cure" bit! Have you really found a cure?



Hi Mandy,

I am so sorry to hear about your Son. I can fully sympathise, my Son also has eczema all around his neck and can bearly turn his head on bad days.

Does he have any problems that he may need to talk about because I found that once I started to talk out my problems my eczema would ease - it took a while but I eventually started to relax a bit more.

My own eczema was worse as I approcahed the age of 21 and I was admitted to the skin hospital. This was heaven for all of us patients because the nurses were angels and kept us totally relaxed with anti-hystamine tablets and they constantly [as we called it] kept us 'greased' up. We had our creams applied three times a day and and were kept bandaged to keep the moisture in. They advised that rest and sleep for just a few days was enough to calm our nervous systems down and this helped with the irritation. Our skin heals when we sleep. You could try using Fairy washing liquid for your Son's bedding and clothes. Don't use any conditioners. I can personally recommend Oilatum, which is a good emollient oil that is added to the bath water which shouldn't be too hot. Also, Simple toiletries or a range called Aveeno are good for eczema and sensitive skin. Aveeno cream is natural and has a nice cooling effect on the skin. If you are worried about using steroid creams too often, try just using them once a day but keep the skin moisturised with E45, Aveeno or Aqueous cream for the rest of the day. Ask your doctor if these are available on prescription.

Your son should wear cotton clothing and try and keep cool which will help the itching. Eczema is from the Greek word for fire, that is why it burns sometimes and the skin gets so inflamed. The good thing is now the weather is warming up, he will stay warm naturally rather than with central heating whiich can be drying to the skin.

I really hope he grows out of it bit I agree with one of the previous comments, you must keep on to your doctor.

Good luck Mandy, by looking at this website, you have alot of support


Hello Mandy

I've just recalled my sister telling me that her granddaughter who had eczema (it is in our family) was taken to the seaside and when she went into the sea for the first time, she screamed at how it hurt her skin so much. However, it seemed that that was the cure for her because her eczema disappeared after that. I don't know what age she was at the time, but she was definitely a child.

And if not the sea, perhaps a bath with Dead Sea Salts might be worth trying, provided you are prepared for a "screaming" session ...



Hi there Gillian/ Emanresu (Loopy-Lou33 and Chandora),

It's good to hear from you and thanks for your message. I haven't heard back from Mandy yet, but I sincerely hope that I do.

I'm sorry to hear that you have tried various ways to try and treat your eczema without any success which must be deeply frustrating for you. The company I am involved in do not produce a steroid-based gel.

The trouble is many heavy lotions and creams that are recommended for conditions like eczema tend to be mineral oil or petroleum-based. Ingredients like these create a layer on our skin which interferes with our skins' need to respire/breathe, sweat and release toxins. Mineral oil pulls moisture away from the skin and acclerates dryness despite the myth that it moisturises and "protects" the skin. Unfortunately, it is used in many everyday skincare products because after it is refined from crude oil, it is in excess and cheap to use. Our skin is an organ and it's essential that it is balanced by being able to easily absorb moisture without our pores being blocked by a layer or without it experiencing extreme levels of dryness...many say that the layer retains moisture, mmmm, I've not convinced.

Chandora - Has the use of Aquaeous cream or any Aveeno products helped the skin to heal or begin to clear up the eczema? There are many alias names for Mineral oil/ petroleum-based ingredients such as parrafin (or Baby Oil for example), which I believe Aaqueous cream contains. I'm glad that in your experience, you have found it helpful, but in my opinion there are better alternatives available. Also Aveeno is a Johnson & Johnson brand...well known for their "Baby Oil"...

I am very happy to send you both some details directly including my company website link where you can order my 3 product recommendations online and get them delivered straight to your door. Please email me at dee4dee@yahoo.com or send me a direct message via this site with your email address(es).

If anyone else is interested, please do contact me directly. There are non-medicated and non-chemicalised options available for you to try.

Kind Regards,

Dee (Independent Consultant)


Skin is your body's largest organ. It serves as a protective barrier between your insides and the rest of the world, helps regulate body temperature and acts as a filter. Skin exists in a constant state of growth, with old cells dying as new cells are forming. It's affected by every aspect of your life, from what you eat to where you live. Healthy skin is better able to fight signs of aging, heals much faster and staves off potential disease better than unhealthy skin

To keep your face looking as youthful as possible, you need to properly cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin while never leaving the house without at least 30 SPF sunscreen. But before we go there, how you care for your skin is utterly dependent on the type of skin you have: oily, normal/combination, dry, sensitive or sun- damaged.

To know more about skin care products and to availe them at your door step please do Google expressmeds247. They are the best discounted, budget, and leading generic medicine providers today.


Hello , my daughter is in hospital at the moment and her skin looks like that . We havnt got a cure. She is 11 and is missing out on school .

She has always had ezcema but it started getting worse when she was 7 and since she has gone to secondry school it has got REALY bad so bad, that this is the first time shes been hospitalised , usually we just go to dermotology every week and she has had light treatment - didnt help.

We use to go abroad n sea n sun did help but last year they made it worse and she screamed when going in the sea she said it stung but it didnt clear up - i had to take her to chemist over there and get a stronger cream and to dermotolgist when we got home . It makes life hard at the moment - im glad i only work part time phew.... xx


How is your daughter doing? Please google cortisone addiction. Might shed some light on her issue. Or google topical steroid withdrawal. Best


My nanorised 100% herbal skin condition essential oil could alleviate the itch and the skin ulcers almost overnight but the skin marks and scars will take very long for it to disappear especially if the skin conditions has persisted for very long. Let me know if you need photographs of those who have benefited from the application of the herbal essential oil.


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