exzema and detergents

If your child has exzema and nothing is working please check out www.solve exzema website, it may becaused detergents:- and they are in everything including all supermarket cleaning products, washing up liquid, toothpaste,canned food hair products, including eco stuff etc etc Detergents are potentially damaging to young skin and if it stings when they get in the bath this can be the detergents reacting on the skin. In three weeks my daughter has gone from screaming when she gets into the bath to enjoying deep baths - you have to look at what you are cleaning clothes with, you have to use soap to wash out detergents, and your bath, in fact everything but it is worth it. The website was set up by a mother who did her chemistry research........ i wish i had known this years ago. There is not enough info on detergents but this website gives you all the info you need.

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  • very interesting story and useful, but the solve address isnt, please could you re type the correct web addy for the eczema web site,


  • i carnt get on to the solve adress either x

  • I use surcare to wash clothes in . I use glass cleaner for the windows does that have the chemical ? i just damp dust with water :)

  • Hi guys, just looked website up its solveexzema.org/ that should get you there. loumum I looked at surcare and it has detergents in it - maybe low level - anything with anionic sufactant- the problem is they are not always called detergents the above website explains what to look out for but the only pure soap based laundry liquid i found in the supermarket was soap flakes waitrose do a liquid one which is the easiest and use a water softener, i use soda crystals as its harder to rinse the detergents in hard water.You can use soap flakes to clean floor and surfaces, you have to eliminate detergents Use vinegar to clean your windows,

    Children's skin up to age 7 or so is very permeable/porous which is why young children are more susceptable to detergent sensitivity. You have to be through you cant do this by half. I did a patch test on my daughters skin and her skin calmed down massively within hours - as its a lot of work initially its worth doing because its so disheartening putting a lot of work into something that does not work. Some clues that your child has a detergent densitivity are these: skin hurts or gets more inflamed when wet particularly baths, gets more itchy after cream, they have allergies or asthma. Detergents get into dust and so can be breathed into lungs causing an asthma attack. My daughter had asthma attacks on holiday i now put this down to the strong detergents used in holiday homes.

    Some clothes may need up to 5 or more washes, to begin with concentrate on pjs and bedding underwear and whatever they wear regularly, so they get a good sleep but ultmately your home needs to be detergent free so avoid sodium laurly sulfates andy sulfates. Use something like Dr Bonners castille soap. Look at sampoo, toothpaste, what you clean your bath with etc etc. We are into about 5 weeks of this process and my little girls sleeps every night she does not itch - i never thought we would get here and we all know the stress of this condition so hope it helps . Let me know how you all get on :)

  • thankyou for writing back - my daughter is most itchy when she comes out the bath but i never ever use anything in it apart from what the dermatolgist gave me. They sat her ezcema is genetic :-/

  • I think you need to check what you are cleaning the bath with first, also consider what the bath towels have been washed in. Try on using anything apart from a pure soap to lean the skin. As for the exzema being genetic - well it may well be if there is a history of asthma or allergy but that does not mean your stuck with it, the environment can can swich on and off genetics! Personally i always found the stuff dermatologists gave us for baths pretty awful and full of chemicals :)

  • I have had eczema sine I was six months old. I brought under control with evening primrose oil. It will take several months before it becomes effective. I think it was New Scientist which mentioned this as a treatment 20 years ago.

    I rinse my clothes twice to remove traces of detergent from my clothing after I have washed them.

    I have discovered that very mild bleach can help with itching. My reasoning for this is my skin did not produce enough protective skin oil. This laid me open to exposure to skin bacteria which skin with normal quantities of skin oil would act as a barrier. There is plenty of research published on the bacteria which live on the skin. There has been research which has said that skin bacteria can cause itching.

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