Skincare Magazine in Today's Guardian Newspaper

Hey everyone.

The Guardian Newspaper, UK, have a supplement enclosed in it today called 'Your Skin' - all about looking after your skin as well as natural skincare. Not sure if any of you have already bought the newspaper and seen it, but for those of you who haven't, I have the online copy available to read on this link:

Hope it is useful, it covers topics of eczema, psoriasis, and skincare products.


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  • Thanks Deren, It could have been interesting for me but I couldn't enlarge the print. All the best Annieseed

  • Hi Annieseed. If you click on the page I think it enlarges the page with the magnifying glass? Deren

  • Does the magazine cover new developments in textiles especially bio-functional clothing?

  • Hi Derren and others, anniseed I found clicking enlarged the print then I had a wee bar at the top of screen with a + sign which I could click that made it bigger again. I thought the info was useful but presumably paid for by some of BSF's sponsors as a lot of it was advertising, prob about 50%. There was nothing about bio-functional clothing or other new textile developments. The article about overall moisturising and sunblock used routinely was I thought the most interesting, though also good on skin cancer and psoriasis.

  • I am amazed a paper like the guardian missed the textiles technology advances. My sons eczema has never been better since we got special clothing prescribed. Its on the NHS and very new so l guess they must have missed it or just not researched the topic very well mind you a lot of the supplement was paid for advertising.

  • Thanks Deren, you're right about clicking on the page, it does enlarge it. I printed it off because I hadn't tried clicking on the page!

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