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Red marks on both my big toes

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Over the last week, I've noticed red marks on the top of both my big toes between the nail and the main part of the foot.

There are small red dots as well. I thought at first that this could be a reaction to using a substance for clearing a blockage in my bath and then standing in the bath to have a shower the following morning, but I would have thought that any reaction would be on the soles of my feet.

The marks aren't painful, but they are itchy.

The skin is also harder in this area, particularly on my left foot where the marks are more pronounced.

I've attached a photo of the marks on my left toe if that helps.

Do you know what this could be?


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Hi xGlenCoex

I've had something similar to this.

I found out it was a infection of the skin. I was given some cream and it went away in a few days.

I'm no doctor or anything, so I'd get it checked either at the chemist or the nurse at your doctors.

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That's great, thanks.

It's just a shame it's the long Easter weekend and I'll have to wait a couple of days!

In the meantime, I've been using sudocrem on it.

It doesn't seem to have made it better but it may have stopped it getting worse.

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Another update.

I arranged a telephone appointment with a doctor after submitting some of the photos online.

The doctor said it was a fungal infection and prescribed Daktacort.

Here's a photo I took earlier today:

Left toe
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Hello again

Just a quick update...

I've just been to the nearby Lloyd's Pharmacy (I was surprised it was open on Easter Monday) and they said that it was probably a reaction (possibly to the substance I used to clear the blockage in the bath), that sudocrem wouldn't help and that I should take anthistamine - and if that didn't help, I should go to a doctor.

The original photo I posted was taken 3 days ago, here's a photo I took today:

Rash on left toe
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Could be a sign of Covid. The British association of dermatologists had published the guide

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I thought it might be that but I test myself regularly and yesterday's test came back negative.

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With this latest strain it takes at least 5 days before it shows up in the tests

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xGlenCoex in reply to PixieElv

I noticed this more than 5 days ago so I think I'm fine - fingers crossed.

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