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Does anyone know what's causing my skin to peel with some pink underneath?

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I'm a Type 2 Diabetic and I'm having an issue with my skin where there's dark dry spots and my skin is peeling where the outer layer is kind of pinkish too. although it only looks pink under some certain light. sometimes i scratch these dark spots the skin will just break away and it doesn't seem to be healing even with vaseline aloe vera. i asked my doctor about this and he told me it could be ringworm and gave me some cream to use but after a few days i don't see much improvement. it feels a little scaly but they don't itch. it started last month when my blood sugars went too high so i assume that had something to do with. i also just got the covid vaccine too so i wonder if my skin is reacting to it. it just seems like everyday i'm noticing dead skin popping up and flaking away and i don't know why it isn't healing

if anyone has seen this and know what the issue is i'd be appreciative. here's a few more pics to see what it looks like

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it could be Psoriasis or an allergic reaction to something have you tried anti histamine tablets.

someone mentioned psoriasis too but it didn't look like it from any pictures or videos i saw. mainly because i don't see any deep red change in colour or those silver plaques. i haven't tried any antihistamines though as i don't know if i have any allergies..should i ask my doctor first before trying them? does look pink/red to you from the picture? i don't know why but every time i take a picture of them it doesn't look like it to me.

look on my profile from a recent post of mine mine was flakey and red now it`s just red by using lots of cream.yeah ask your doctor about the histamine tablets they might be worth a try in your case.

thanks for your input. i looked at your pictures and there's so many different types of psoriasis that i believe yours is postular psorasis. i didn't realize there was so many different types but i know it's not this one because i don't have blisters or postules. there's no bumps or anything oozing out. i read that diabetics tend to get this too but i'm trying to figure out what kind of psorasis it is. it could even be granulae annulaire apparently...but i will ask my doctor about anti-histamines to see if it does anything. at this point i never knew to be allergic to anything so this is surprising...all these pink marks are showing up on my hands, legs and even a bit on my chest. surprisingly my back is clear

i honestly don't think i have ringworm cause this lamisil cream is doing nothing..i just need to wait for the results to confirm it. all i know is that my skin peels when i scratch these pinkish discoloured marks so there's got to be something wrong


I'm afraid you have to let your doctor try a few things and you need to be patient. It could have been ringworm but since the anti fungal cream has not helped, it could be lots of different things. Corticosteroid along with antihistamines may do the trick but your doctor needed to be certain that there is no fungal infection. Please consult your doctor after 1 week and they may prescribe something else.

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thanks for the input. so it wasn't a ringworm..the lamisil he gave me before the results were found did not help and now he's given me a mid strength steroid cream. i don't know if it's working either but he's asked me to try it for a couple weeks and if there's no change he'll refer me to a dermatologist. the skin peeling seems to be easing but the pink marks on my hands and those circular dry spots are still there. i mean depending what lighting i'm in, it could look pink and today i took it looked brown so it's really annoying. he doesn't believe it came from the vaccine i got just before this happened..i asked him if it could be psoriasis or pityriasis rosea but he doesn't think so either since i'm not itching and it didnt look like either of those to him so it's really surprising. i'm on day 2 of this cream so i'll check back to see if the marks start disappearing or not.

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Thanks for letting us know

Skin rashes can be similar to each other, a dermatologist would be your go to person if as the Dr says no improvement, in the meantime, I assume you're not using harsh soaps etc. Wishing you luck.

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