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Tiny red dots on arms

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In the last couple of months, I've noticed these tiny red dots on my upper arms. They could have always been there, I don't know. I've only noticed them recently. Some seem to disappear for a second when I scratch at them, then bleed or fill up with blood, if that makes sense.

I've been so paranoid about them because I Googled it. Bad idea. 😓 Just wondering if anyone knows what they could be or if you have something similar? I'm waiting to get blood work done for peace of mind, but in the meantime I wanted to see if anyone could shed some light on what they are. Thank you!

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Mmm, sorry not to be of help, do they show up anywhere else and are they itchy, or just there? think you might need consultation after bloods are done.

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Thank you for replying! They're mainly on my arms. I have one or two bigger ones on my leg that I've had for at least a few years, probably longer. They're not itchy and they don't hurt or anything. They just exist.

My boyfriend has similar red dots too.

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Wondering if you could both be mildly irritated by a laundry product or something like that? My skin is pretty awful and I can't use Bio washing powders, and even some non-bio (Persil) made my skin react. I used Fairy Non-Bio for a while and have now switched to Ecover Non-Bio, which seems to be ok.

Hi, my gf and I are actually in a similar situation. Did you get any answers on what this could be?

No answers, but I got blood work done and everything was fine there. I've noticed some people in my family have similar dots so I'm wondering if it's hereditary?

Same for me, all blood tests came back normal. Do you still get more? I feel like I'm seeing a few new ones every day.

I've stopped checking because checking just made me worry more. Haha. I'm guessing they're age-related or something because I know so many people with them. 🤷‍♀️

I will just be honest here: before I met my current gf, I had an unprotected one night stand, and feel like I started noticing them 2 weeks after. All STD test returned negative, but somehow I can't put my mind at ease thinking this has nothing to do with an STD. WDYT?

Both urine tests for chlamydia, gonorroe, trach, and mycoplasma, and blood test: HIV, Syphillis, Hep B and C.

If the tests came back negative, I doubt it has anything to do with an STI. Maybe you were just hyper-vigilant after the one night stand? They could have been there before it. I'm thinking mine have been on my body longer than I initially thought. I was in an extremely anxious state when I noticed them.

Same here about the anxious state, and I still am. To the point that I have gone down the Google rabbit hole and can only think of rare conditions such as HHV-8. Did you experience any other symptoms that came with the spots/anxiety?

I've only experienced anxiety symptoms, like numbness and tingling, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, chest tightness, tension headaches, etc.

Google is the worst. It's so hard to break out of the reassurance cycle, but I have a very, very strong feeling that you are okay and you do not have any rare conditions!! Especially since so many people have these red dots. People in my family have them. My boyfriend has them. You have them. Your girlfriend has them. They are common. ☺️

Thanks, just talking about this already calms me down a bit. I'm just so scared that I passed something onto my girlfriend... anyway. How many you got? I think I got about 25 very tiny ones on each arm, and then about 10 on my chest/belly. They are literally same size or smaller than a sand grain. Is that normal?

Good! I highly doubt you passed anything onto your girlfriend since your test results were clear. ☺️

I probably have about the same as you. I have fewer on my chest, though. Less than 5, I'd say.

Mine are the same size as yours, and some are a little bigger and raised. Honestly, don't worry about them. I mean, try your very best not to. Your blood test results were good! Your STI results showed no signs of an STI. You and your girlfriend are fine.

I have them! I've had them for 4 months. My bloods are ok but I get more and more each day. They fill up too when I rub them. All I've found in researching is possible mold reaction or reaction to medication but I'm not taking any. I'm gonna ask to be referred to a dermatologist

Blood spots
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A mold reaction could make sense because we have a bad mold problem in our apartment. No matter how much I clean it, it always reappears. The joys of living in Ireland. 😅 I have them mainly on my arms and a few on my chest. I'm not taking any meds either. Part of me thinks they could be little cherry angiomas. I'm 31, going on 32, and I've read cherry angiomas are common with aging, and they can range in size. Let me know what your dermatologist says if you can! ☺️

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I think Cherry's are unlikely as they're usually bright pink/ red and don't bleed however mine do! And when they kinda heal over it forms a tiny brown scab which washes off in the shower and bam back to bleeding lol. I have mould behind the toilet which I can't reach but my landlord keeps saying he will sort it :') my boyfriend doesn't have any! Neither do my kids. Its weird. I'm 27, my skin is usually very pale and very clear.

Mine are all the same size too..very tiny

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Landlords are useless, I swear! 🤣 I texted mine a week ago and he still hasn't responded, hahaha. Yah, if I scratch my dots, they bleed, but they only bleed when I scratch them. Anyway, I don't know what these things are but they are giving me so much anxiety, haha. Some of mine are super tiny while others are a little bigger. It seems like a lot of people have them, though? My mum and my aunt have them too.

I mainly have them tops of my arms but also forearms back neck and chest

Hi Becky, I have exactly the same thing as you, and more seem to appear every day. Hard to spot actually, they scratch off super easy but then fill back up right away. Did you get any answers from what this could be?

I also have the same, they came up about 2 months ago and I have started to get more and more. About 6 months ago I came off birth control and I read that hormones could cause this. I spoke to my GP and they said skin rashes and spots can occur after a recent viral infection; more importantly if you have no headache, neck stiffness, high fever above 38C then meningitis is not likely.

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