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Bump on skin

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Anyone can identify this bump?

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Looks a bit like a wart?

Dear Jellybean9595,

this COULD be 'just' a Cyst (a collection of fluid under the skin), it could be a Wart (a viral growth, caused by immuno- suppression) or it Could be Far More Serious. It is, for this reason, I'm advising you to GET THIS CHECKED!

A 'Simple' Check, with a Dermatologist and, almost certainly, you can rest easily..... but DO get the 'Check'.

A little used, and often Very 'Overlooked', resource is your Local Pharmacy.... Pharmacist are actually Highly Trained People. The Surgery may have a 'Nurse Practitioner' available, also worth 'Checking Out'- there are also 'Walk In' Centres. All, of these, can be accessed Without an Appointment or contacting your, very overstretched GP service. If ANY, of these Services wish you to see, your Doctor, they often make the Appointment for you. (Presides which if, let's say, the Pharmacist call the Practice..... they LISTEN!)

I hope this has been some 'Help' to you Jellybean.


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