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i NEED ADvice.

I have supposedly dermatitis, as the gp said via a photo diagnosis.

I have tried multiple ointments and steroid creams though nothing seems to have worked, i've subsistuted out all my shower products for those prescribed by doctors etc .

I have red patches/ flare ups on my face and dry skin/eczema across my arms and legs and nothing is working!

any itps

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I have Eczema around my eyelids and have seen a Community Dermatologist at my GP surgery-he has prescribed 1% hydrocortisone and Elidel - has given me a regime of when and how often to use these. Suggest you speak to a skin doctor- I asked several GP's over some months what to do about `eczema -none of them got it right!Do not use meds without docs prescriptions-you have to know how often to use these meds!

Wishing you well.

Hello again -I also should have told you to keep skin moisturised-(Aveeno-dermol anything without perfume is best.Hope you'll feel better soon

Dermatitis, DermNet NZ

light treatment or tar will help.

Hi Johnny you might well benefit from DHEA , men are less likely to suffer from dermatitis than women due to the protection from male hormones , seems your male hormones are low ?

DHEA will boost your male hormones and hopefully improve your dermatitis

Savers in UK do a good cream - Vaseline advance repair for around £3

Ebay sell DHEA suppliment

Let us know how you get on

Moisturise regularly 5/6/7 time daily-with Aveeno lotion or Dermol lotion(available from GPskin has to be moist and not dry out-too many meds without moisture in between applications will make skin dry! (I know I have eczema on eye lids)!!

Try taking a medium dose of DHEA

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