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Mole bleeding again


I first noticed it last 2016, small and started to bleed after rubbing dead dark skin from it.

No changes since then.

Yesterday, I noticed blood on my neck collar, looked in the mirror and it was bleeding.

I did rubbed it gently because it was itchy and some small crusty flaked of dead skin came out, then blood.

Today, it's not bleeding, the black colour has gone back to brown with red around it.

A little bit sore sometimes..

With Covid19 around, going to the gp and risk catching then spreading it concerns me too.

Not sure if this would be considered an emergency appointment and what to say.

Since 2016, had tests due to lightheadedness, ear nose throat and bowel problems with no idea why (blood test, chest xray all normal, now my mind can't help but feel, it may be why...)

If it is a cancerous mole, am I too late?

How long do they take to spread?

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I would ring your doctors for an appointment.They will probably ask you to send this picture to them.I think you should definitely let the doctor see it .

Good luck.

Jimmy, please get to your doctor and let them look at it. They can answer your questions. You posted this 12 days ago. If you've already seen a doctor please let us know what he said.

Please let your doctor look at it.They will probably ask you to send a photo initially and take it from there.

Good luck just go for it.

Thanks for your replies, the gp had a look at it via an email I sent, he said it was probably just inflamed because I rubbed it without knowing and said to wait 2 weeks to see what happens, and ring back if any changes.

Currently it's ok now, it has shranked.

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