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. I'm a 16 year old girl who's about to start GCSEs. today my mum noticed red rings around a few moles on my back. she looked online and came across the possibility of skin cancer. trying not to add more stress to me she told me to go on the NHS website and do the test to see if I need it checked out. the test said I did especially as I have many moles. my mum however told me not to make a big fuss out of it.

My question is: do I have it checked out, or do I just keep watching it to check for any other abnormalities.

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  • Yes, better to get them checked out and be told that it's nothing serious, good luck with your GCSE's and i hope you get positive news from your drs appt regarding your moles

  • Your Mother reactions to your symptoms strikes me as strange and slightly alarming to say the least. I was 24 years old when I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma the mole in question I had had since birth I don't have a lot on moles on my body and I also have an olive skin tone so I was not in the high risk category for developing skin cancer. My form of skin cancer was extremely aggressive and had I waited just a few more weeks a month at the very most before getting the mole checked out by a doctor it would of been a very different outcome for me. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH

    If you have any concerns at all about a change in anything regarding the size,shape,colour,feeling of a mole you have no matter how minor it may be or how new ring your GP surgery for an appointment IMMEDIATELY in most cases it's nothing to worry about but if it is then catching it early is vital. Good luck with your GCSES And PLEASE make sure to that first thing MONDAY Morning you are making an appointment to get your moles checked

  • Pop along to the doctor sweetie. Good luck with exams. Not a fuss just common sense. It's your responsability to look after your health.

  • You can ask our experts your questions on sunsafety and moles all week here

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