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Doublebase gel for facial eczema- replacement?


For seven or eight years I have been using doublebase gel as a moisturiser on my face, following a flareup of atopic facial eczema. However, it now seems to be unavailable in the UK (except on eBay!) The GP prescribed Isomol gel as a replacement, but I found it much thicker and it just left my face feeling sticky. I have also used Cetraben but again it leaves my face feeling sticky all day.

Does anyone have a suggestion for moisturiser I can be prescribed in place of doublebase? Wonderfully my face has been clear of eczema for a few years but I’d like to keep it that way!

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Dear ClaraJ,

I would, just 'check' with your Doctor, about Doublebase... a friend of ours is still, I believe, being Prescribed it. If need be ask, your Doctor, to do 'this' for you.

Good Luck


ClaraJ in reply to AndrewT

Thanks very much! Very helpful.

Dear Clara, I am still getting it on prescription, 2 x 500ml pump dispensers and I also, pre lockdown, used to get 100g tubes same, for taking to swimming and on holiday. Speak to your GP about it and also contact the National Eczema Society as they are very concerned about the removal of some well loved and tested emollients from the NHS Lists.

ClaraJ in reply to lovesradio

Thanks very much- very helpful! Great that it is still available, in theory. I will speak to the NES.

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