I'm new to this page. I'm 30 and I've had pretty bad eczema for as long can remember

I've been home in Scotland for over a year now, but I lived in Canada for 2 years and my skin was perfect. I took some cream with me, and I brought the same tub home 2 years later..

There was no change in diet (if anything my diet was worse out there)

I was on the west coast so the weather was similar.

Anyone got any ideas as to why I'm back to tearing myself apart everyday?

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Glasgow guy here too. Sorry to hear about your skin issues. I've suffered from this too for 55 years.

There's little rhyme or reason for eczema flare-ups except that your immune system is over reacting to everyday allergens leaving your skin over sensitive.

I'm fully aware of all the latest theories and treatments and if I can help in any way, let me know (I'm local). Good luck.


What about the water? My skin is always better when I go to Minnesota, the water is softer. I live in the Midlands where the water is very hard, never bathe, always shower using an emollient.


Bacteria in the air is different in canada than in Scotland. Fatty acids in diet can be different. Fatty acids needed to produce skin oil. Skin oil helps to prevent itching.

Try evening primrose tablets 1000mg once a day for a month and see if that makes a difference. Very mild bleach can help reduce itching. I used to take mild bleach and dilute in water. Trials have shown that this can be helpful.

Hope this helps


Hi all, my skin was pretty good on our 10 day cycling trip on Arran, Mull and Islay in July but has been a progressive nightmare since. Our water here in Fife is pretty soft but think it was even softer on the islands . There is a study about to start looking at whether installing water softening filters can help to prevent babies developing eczema which is great as some dermatogists do not give it much credence. Glasgowman I would be interested in any info you have, thanks all.


Hello! I've had eczema for two years. At first, it was really hard for me to control it. The treatment that has worked the best for me is foderma treatment.


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